Hetherton Scott Hetherton

General Manager, HFM Packaging, Ltd.

Scott Hetherton is General Manager for HFM Packaging Ltd, a company specializing in resealable flexible packaging since 1976. He was formerly President of Phoenix Engineered Products, developing and manufacturing electronic devices with conductive polyethylene, and prior to that, manufacturing flexible circuits for Defense and Aerospace applications.

Friday 8:30 am - 10:00 am
Packaging Insights & Ideas

Rules and Myths about Label Bonds for Peel and Reseal Packaging

Wet wipes have been offered in flexible packaging with a peel and reseal label for many years. From large industrial IPA wipes to medium sized electronic wipes to purse-sized make-up removers, the successful marriage of film, label, package design and the contents they contain is dependent on a few key details. One of the most significant details is the bond strength of the label to the film, and how it changes over time based on the interaction of certain variables. There are a few myths about this phenomenon, and a few rules that are generally true.