Mango Phillip Mango

President, Phillip Mango Consulting, LLC

Phillip Mango has spent over thirty years in non wovens, starting in 1981 with Air Products and Chemicals, where he was the Manager of th e Nonwovens Group. Air Products was the major supplier of latex binders to ma jor nonwovens used in wipes, notably airlaid and DRC (double recrepe). In 1991, he left Air Products to jo in Walkisoft USA as Director of Technology. Walkisoft was the largest global pr oducer of airlaid at that time . Sensing a need for a more innovative, specialty oriented airlaid producer, Mr. Mango starte d his own airlaid business and designed and built a specialty airlaid line in 1997 . This company, Airformed Composites, was one of the early developers of commercial mu ltibonded airlaid for baby wipes, as well as other unique products and process advances. In 2000, Concert Industries acquired Airformed Composites and Mr. Mango. With Concert, Mr. Mango was the Director of Product Development. In 2002, Mr. Mango left Concert to start his own consulting business, Phillip Mango Consulting. Over the last 12 years, Mr . Mango has consulted extensively in the wipes market, technology, nonwovens and raw materials. He has authored numerous studies on flushable wipes, the global wipes market a nd technology, and other nonwov ens related subjects.

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Thursday 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Important New Technologies

Disinfecting Wipes: The Next Frontier for Nonwovens?

Now that the challenge of developing and producing dispersible nonwovens for flushable wipes appears to be met, the next challenge for nonwoven product developers is an optimal substrate for disinfectant wipes. Disinfecting wipes are a product for this specific time in history, as consumers are inundated with reports of pandemic diseases like MERS, SARS, H1N1 and H5N1, just to name a few. Additionally, food contamination and foodborne illnesses are in the news daily. Global consumers have become germophobic, perhaps with good reason. Add in the increasing number and cost of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and even the industrial community needs better disinfecting procedures. Disinfecting wipes are an ideal solution to many of these issues; the product takes much of the guesswork out of disinfecting a surface, in a cost effective package. This presentation will briefly overview the disinfecting wipes market, quantifying both sales and nonwoven volumes used in both the consumer and industrial segments. Then, each segment will be dissected by nonwoven type, including the current commercial products standard spunlace products, the preferred SPS and SP (spunbond/pulp/spunbond and spunbond/pulp) spunlace products, and other nonwovens. Newer substrates and producers will be introduced. Disinfecting chemicals and solutions will be reviewed, in order to determine their affect on substrate choice. Strengths and weaknesses of both current and prospective nonwovens for disinfecting wipes will be identified and discussed. Finally, new developments, like new cellulosic fibers with reduced interaction/deactivation of quaternary compound disinfectants, will be introduced.