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Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group

by Lewis Barnhardt

As a fiber supplier we have ramped up our production to meet customers’ demands.

  • We have implemented a work from home policy for all office staff
  • We divided our manufacturing work force into cells, and not allowing associates crossing from cell to cell
  • Assigned bathrooms and break areas
  • Increased sanitization and cleaning frequency in all areas
  • We are providing two hot meals delivered weekly to the facilities in individually packaged portions
  • Assessing local needs to contribute financial dollars where needed

Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group Website

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BASF Corporation

by Max Miquelarena

BASF and BASF employees are helping neighboring communities around the world with donations of disinfectants, masks, protective equipment or money to alleviate the effects of the corona crisis:

  • BASF is donating 100 million protective masks to the Federal Republic of Germany and 1 million masks to the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • In North America, BASF provided thousands of protective masks, gloves and suits. Additionally, the company called on employees to make donations to the “Feeding America” charity organization during the crisis, and BASF will double employee donations
  • To help overcome the current bottleneck for disinfectants, BASF has started to produce disinfectants to support medical facilities at various sites worldwide. With about 35 metric tons per week distributed free of charge to hospitals, doctors' offices and nursing homes, “Helping Hands” in Ludwigshafen, Germany is one of BASF's largest donation activities worldwide. In the U.S., BASF is manufacturing hand sanitizer at its sites in Washington, New Jersey and Wyandotte, Michigan for distribution to healthcare agencies, hospitals and government agencies

To read more details on the Washington, NJ site efforts:

BASF manufactures hand sanitizer to support the fight against COVID-19 in New Jersey and New York

For details on the Wyandotte, MI site efforts, please see news release: 


Additionally, BASF will offer xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER free of charge to farmers in the U.S. and Canada for the 2020 season. xarvio FIELD MANAGER offers crop production solutions that allow farmers to monitor their fields through digital tools. As farmers across North America continue to provide the world with safe and nutritious food during this challenging time, this digital solution will help farmers maintain their operations with as little impact as possible. Please see news release: 


BASF Corporation Website

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Beckmann Converting, Inc.

by Ray Piascik

  • Provides a range of laminating and testing services for multi-layer laminates using novel materials to achieve the same performance as traditional PPE products.
  • Supports customer efforts to reroute finished products from non-essential applications to PPE.
  • The Beckmann Converting family is proud to lend a hand during these challenging and stressful times.

For full details contact Ray Piascik at 518-366-6150 or visit our website at: www.beckmannconverting.com 

Beckmann Converting, Inc. Website

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Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation

by Doug Brown

  • For the last 40 days, we’ve been producing material around-the-clock on our 50" wide line and putting in a second line that should be on line at 25" width. At that capacity we should be able to make material for 5,000,000 masks daily. We recently donated Electrostatically charged media for "Rebel" manufacturing who donated 1,000,000 masks. https://rebelconverting.com/
  • We have a new facility that has 128,000 sq./ft. and plan to have two more lines 60" wide hopefully running in May. That would give us the total capacity to make N95 media for over 10,000,000 masks/day
  • We have more dies at 3.4 Meter width that will be running by the end of the year
  • We are donating rolls of fiber to anyone in the Midwest making masks for donation

Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation Website

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Blue Heaven Technologies

by Bob Burkhead

We’re connecting mask producers with media producers; and completing a variety of testing for all health care applications and typical HVAC applications in the war on COVID 19, including:

•     Testing for the screening of media candidates for respirator masks and medical masks

•     Running full shifts and weekends

•     Accelerating new launches to accommodate the COVID-19 driven needs

Examples of our fight against the pandemic include:

The COVID-19 project leader at Louisville’s Norton Hospital asked us to test the performance of a large number of older HEPA filters in their old respirator suits leftover from the last health crisis. Samples were hand carried to us (keeping our social distance) – we tested and returned finished reports in a day, providing assurances of safe health care to hospital workers. We donated our time and fees for the tests.

Mask give away – One Ohio customer air-freighted new mask making equipment from China to the U.S. to produce masks they intended to give away! The equipment is up and running and making high performance masks based on our testing efforts. Testing was complimentary. We would do the same for anyone that is giving masks away!

We are focused to stay the spread of the virus – working from home and separating in our distinct buildings. It’s going to be a long haul…when we look back, this will be a “character building” experience.

Blue Heaven Technologies Website

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by Diane Toonen

  • Arkema modified production in France to produce hand sanitizer
  • Bostik supports various companies making masks
  • Evaluating pilot assets to look at producing some PPE for internal use

To discover more stories about the mobilization of the Arkema Group: https://lnkd.in/gyHxxss

Bostik/Arkema Website

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