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Acik Kart Bilgi Teknolojileri Tic A.S.

by Ahmet Abalioglu

  • We are focusing on PPE, mainly face mask raw materials
  • Doubling our capacity to increase supply and offer wider applications to our customers and producing N95 level Face masks

Acik Kart Bilgi Teknolojileri Tic A.S. Website

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Allertex of America Ltd.

by Alistair Deas

We are a small team consisting of two office personnel, three salespeople plus myself. We are all are working from home.

Allertex of America Ltd. Website

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Americhem Inc.

by Robert Baldy

  • Many of our products are used in the production of medical equipment
  • We have been engaged by several companies to provide functional additive masterbatch
  • Active requests are now for antimicrobial additives
  • We have also been engaged to provide hydrophobic additives (medical gowns) and additives to improve filtration efficiency for masks

Americhem Inc. Website

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Andritz, Inc.

by Mark Janulis

Andritz Diatec, part of international technology Group Andritz, has developed a fully automatic, high-speed face mask converting line for the production of disposable face masks.

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ANDRITZ to supply gasification plant and biomass handling line to Klabin's Puma II project in Brazil

The scope of supply includes a 51 MW gasification plant, a belt dryer, a multi-fuel lime kiln burner and biomass handling equipment with auxiliaries. By replacing 100% of the heavy fuel oil currently burned in one of the mill's lime kilns, the ANDRITZ gasification plant will significantly reduce the mill's carbon footprint.

Andritz, Inc. Website

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by Jonathan A. Bourget

Apis Rex is a leading nonwovens and personal care consultancy firm providing advice to companies who need to understand the value-chain dynamics and supply chains to support their fight against COVID-19 including:

  • Insight and analysis of the competitive landscape; disruptions in supply chains; product and technology trends in medical nonwovens
  • Identification of partners and introductions to suppliers in the segment - machine builders, converters, roll good suppliers
  • Advisory services to companies looking to invest in nonwovens. Identification of external growth opportunities, business development support

APIS REX Website

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Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group

by Lewis Barnhardt

As a fiber supplier we have ramped up our production to meet customers' demands.

  • We have implemented a work from home policy for all office staff
  • We divided our manufacturing work force into cells, and not allowing associates crossing from cell to cell
  • Assigned bathrooms and break areas
  • Increased sanitization and cleaning frequency in all areas
  • We are providing two hot meals delivered weekly to the facilities in individually packaged portions
  • Assessing local needs to contribute financial dollars where needed

Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group Website

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BASF Corporation

by Max Miquelarena

BASF and BASF employees are helping neighboring communities around the world with donations of disinfectants, masks, protective equipment or money to alleviate the effects of the corona crisis:

  • BASF is donating 100 million protective masks to the Federal Republic of Germany and 1 million masks to the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • In North America, BASF provided thousands of protective masks, gloves and suits. Additionally, the company called on employees to make donations to the “Feeding America” charity organization during the crisis, and BASF will double employee donations
  • To help overcome the current bottleneck for disinfectants, BASF has started to produce disinfectants to support medical facilities at various sites worldwide. With about 35 metric tons per week distributed free of charge to hospitals, doctors' offices and nursing homes, “Helping Hands” in Ludwigshafen, Germany is one of BASF's largest donation activities worldwide. In the U.S., BASF is manufacturing hand sanitizer at its sites in Washington, New Jersey and Wyandotte, Michigan for distribution to healthcare agencies, hospitals and government agencies

To read more details on the Washington, NJ site efforts:

BASF manufactures hand sanitizer to support the fight against COVID-19 in New Jersey and New York

For details on the Wyandotte, MI site efforts, please see news release: 


Additionally, BASF will offer xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER free of charge to farmers in the U.S. and Canada for the 2020 season. xarvio FIELD MANAGER offers crop production solutions that allow farmers to monitor their fields through digital tools. As farmers across North America continue to provide the world with safe and nutritious food during this challenging time, this digital solution will help farmers maintain their operations with as little impact as possible. Please see news release: 


BASF Corporation Website

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Beckmann Converting, Inc.

by Ray Piascik

  • Provides a range of laminating and testing services for multi-layer laminates using novel materials to achieve the same performance as traditional PPE products.
  • Supports customer efforts to reroute finished products from non-essential applications to PPE.
  • The Beckmann Converting family is proud to lend a hand during these challenging and stressful times.

For full details contact Ray Piascik at 518-366-6150 or visit our website at: www.beckmannconverting.com 

Beckmann Converting, Inc. Website

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Blue Heaven Technologies

by Bob Burkhead

We're connecting mask producers with media producers; and completing a variety of testing for all health care applications and typical HVAC applications in the war on COVID 19, including:

•     Testing for the screening of media candidates for respirator masks and medical masks

•     Running full shifts and weekends

•     Accelerating new launches to accommodate the COVID-19 driven needs

Examples of our fight against the pandemic include:

The COVID-19 project leader at Louisville's Norton Hospital asked us to test the performance of a large number of older HEPA filters in their old respirator suits leftover from the last health crisis. Samples were hand carried to us (keeping our social distance) - we tested and returned finished reports in a day, providing assurances of safe health care to hospital workers. We donated our time and fees for the tests.

Mask give away - One Ohio customer air-freighted new mask making equipment from China to the U.S. to produce masks they intended to give away! The equipment is up and running and making high performance masks based on our testing efforts. Testing was complimentary. We would do the same for anyone that is giving masks away!

We are focused to stay the spread of the virus - working from home and separating in our distinct buildings. It's going to be a long haul - when we look back, this will be a "character building" experience.

Blue Heaven Technologies Website

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Clorox Company, The

by Nikhil P. Dani, Ph.D.

As a health and wellness company at heart, The Clorox Company has been committed to providing disinfecting products in support of public health needs as well as other products in our portfolio that help support community well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. To try and meet unprecedented demand, we have:

  • Worked early and aggressively to significantly expand production. As part of this effort, we’ve been running our plants 24/7 and qualifying available third-party manufacturers to create as much additional capacity as possible.
  • Implemented infection prevention and other measures at our sites that have remained open. We care deeply about all our people, their families and our communities, and we have remained focused on their health and safety.
  • Continued our long-standing tradition that’s been in place since our founding in 1913 to help communities in times of natural disasters and health crises. We have committed about $14 million in cash and product donations to support those battling this public health crisis, including an initial $5 million for caregivers on the front lines (Direct Relief, CDC Foundation, American Red Cross). We have provided additional support to Feeding America, Americares, and local organizations in the U.S. and internationally to help meet the needs of vulnerable populations as well as made cash and product donations to help communities where we operate.

To read more about our COVID-19 response, visit https://www.thecloroxcompany.com/covid-19/.

Clorox Company, The Website

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Curt G. Joa, Inc.

by Chris Nelson

Curt G. Joa, Inc. invented an efficient headband design that supports the urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for the coronavirus.

To read more:


Curt G. Joa, Inc. Website

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DeSales Trading Company

by Michael Murray

Supplying producers of all types of elastic narrow fabrics with requirements for latex rubber thread. 

DeSales Trading Company Website

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Eastman Chemical

by Jon Wood

Eastman has donated material to organizations producing PPE for medical personnel in:

  • Tennessee, for the production of face shields around the state
  • Virginia, also for face shields
  • Indiana, for protective lenses and face shields
  • Brazil, for face shields
  • Europe, donating resins for hand sanitizer

Partnering with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) and Austin Peay State University 10,000 protective face shields were produced for medical personnel in Nashville, after THEC exhausted local supply of acetate sheet – the large, clear plastic shield that attaches to the headband.

The partnership met the goal using 3D printers at colleges and universities around the state.

“The need here is very real and life-changing. Health care workers are in dire need of help as they are on the front lines of battling COVID-19, and I’m proud to be part of an Eastman team that always steps up when help is needed,” said Steve Crawford, Eastman’s chief technology and sustainability officer.

Eastman’s films operation in Martinsville, Va., is producing film and partnering with Patrick Henry Community College to get 500 face shields developed, produced for medical personnel in Virginia.

In Brazil, Eastman donated PETG material for face shields to public hospitals.

Eastman donated 600 square feet of material to Purdue University. More than 40 volunteer faculty and staff members are using the school’s laser cutting system to produce up to 3,000 lenses and 4,000 face shields. The protective equipment will be distributed to hospitals across Indiana.

Eastman Chemical Website

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Elsner Engineering Works

by Jay Roth

We are full speed ahead. We're glad to be on "this side of the fence" and able to keep our people working and providing for their families:

We have increased orders for rewinders for converting rolls of canister wipes:

Elsner Engineering Works Website

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ExxonMobil Collaborates with the Nonwovens Institute (NWI) to Help Accelerate Face Mask Production for Frontline Medical Workers During the COVID-19 Crisis

  • Donates 146,000 pounds of polymers to NWI for nonwoven fabrics used in medical face masks
  • Mobilizes logistics network to quickly deliver polymers from across the country to NWI
  • Facilitates value chain relationships to connect NWI with face mask manufacturers

ExxonMobil responded rapidly to an initiative by the Nonwovens Institute (NWI), a long-standing partner since 2008, looking for polymers to fabricate specialty nonwoven fabrics used for personal protective equipment (PPE). NWI is supplying the spunbond and meltblown nonwoven fabrics to manufacturers of medical masks, helping essential frontline medical workers get the PPE they need to stay protected.

From various inventories, ExxonMobil donated a combined total of 146,000 pounds of ExxonMobil™ PP3155, Achieve™ Advanced PP6926G2 and Vistamaxx™ 8880 performance polymers to LINC, a non-profit affiliate of NWI located in Raleigh, North Carolina. ExxonMobil also made several value chain introductions, connecting NWI with companies looking for high-quality nonwovens for PPE.

The nonwoven fabrics were produced at the NWI facilities on the North Carolina State University Centennial Campus. Spunbond nonwovens are used for the outer layers of a variety of medical masks as they are breathable and have the strength to protect the inner layer by maintaining the integrity of the mask. Meltblown nonwovens are used in the inner layer because they provide an effective barrier to liquids and particulates, while being breathable.

Nonwoven fabrics were sent to mask manufacturing companies in North Carolina and across the United States. NWI also purchased assembly machines so that nonwovens could be converted into masks using local campus staff and volunteers, speeding up delivery to local medical facilities.

Find out more about ExxonMobil’s contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

ExxonMobil Website

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Fabric Sources International

by Chris Simuro

We changed our capabilities as a buyer/seller/converter/laminator/coater of nonwoven fabrics and composites to help the medical community.

Doctors told us they were desperate for medical PPE, specifically protective medical gowns. Our team found we could laminate SBPP + PE film to make medical grade fabric impervious to water/fluid. Our plan was to make 200-300 gowns for the local hospital. Now, we will produce/source the following medical PPE in the next eight weeks:

•     800,000 medical gowns

•     400,000 protective face shields

•     5,000,000 square yards of medical fabric

•     Millions of flat and KN95 masks

To make 800,000 medical gowns and 400,000 protective shields, we assembled seven local businesses to support our plans. It really has been amazing to see our local community come together to get needed medical PPE to our frontline medical teams.

Please let me know if you would like to hear more about what we are doing.

Fabric Sources International Website

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Fi-Tech Inc.

by Todd L. Bassett

As a supplier of machinery and key components to the nonwovens industry, Fi-Tech has been recognized as an essential supplier by several customers' supply chains; working with their supplier, Reicofil, on several projects for Reicofil Meltblown Lines for delivery to the US to produce meltblown fabric required for N95 face masks.

To maintain supply of critical parts and components to our nonwovens customers, and provide coverage, Fi-Tech created alternating staffing schedules in the office and abbreviated hours of operation to limit exposure.

Our critical warehouse and logistic functions remain on a full-time schedule. We've incorporated sanitization measures in our daily routines and increased janitorial and sanitization services from an outside source.

Fi-Tech Inc. Website

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Fiber Innovation Technology (FIT)

by Cameron Miller

  • As a critical supplier in the fight against Covid-19, we've seen an increase in demand for our fibers
  • Our fiber is used exclusively in the North American manufacturing of the swabs for the Coronavirus test kit
  • Our fibers are manufactured into non-woven medical wipes, N95 filter masks, air and liquid filtration
  • A specialty fiber we produce is used as the last, most critical filter, in pharmaceutical drug manufacturing. To meet this increase in demand, we have reassigned production normally allocated to the automotive industry
  • This week we reactivated an idle line to make the PP fiber base for an N95 mask
  • In addition to meeting the current demand, we have been focused on life after the peak in coronavirus cases. Recently we introduced a series of easy split fibers that process as 3 dpf staple but split in carding and post processing into 0.2 dpf to give higher filtration efficiency
  • We have multiple partners looking at this product for next generation filter masks
  • Finally, we are evaluating and developing fibers with cutting edge viricidal and antimicrobial treatments that will be needed as post pandemic life hopes to normalize
  • We applaud those who are working in the community during this time

Fiber Innovation Technology (FIT) Website

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Fibertex Nonwovens

by Jonathan Layer

Fibertex Nonwovens is supporting the global COVID-19 response by supplying technical nonwovens into N95 facemask media and disinfecting wipes substrates. Fibertex is also leading the industry with production of nanofiber-based nonwoven for medical filtration markets.

Fibertex Nonwovens Website

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by Darren Stein

Fitesa North America is directly involved in the fight against COVID-19. Fitesa has more than doubled its current supply of PPE nonwoven material to support the needs of not only convertors, but also those organizations who are producing PPE for their own employees. We have also ramped up production of our specific wipe materials by more than five times, again, focusing on supporting the fight against COVID-19. To support the community, Fitesa is also using food trucks for its employees to ensure that we can give back to those in the catering industry that have been so hard hit.

Fitesa Website

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by Tina Dinzenhofer

Gessner develops material for civil masks

Gessner is proud to introduce a new material to facilitate society's way back to normal life. The constant demand of mouth-nose protection for an everyday use prompted the development of a filter medium for community and civil masks to protect people. In addition it has a special focus on good breathability.

The newly developed material is produced in our German and US sites. It is a semisynthetic material which is ultrasonic weldable. As It is durable it can be used as a single layer application and protects people in their every-day. Our 50g/m2 material offers an efficiency of >80% @ 3um (KCl @ 10 cm/s). It has a good next-to-skin comfort due to its softness.

Please find the key benefits summarized below:

  • Durable to use it as a single-layer
  • Protects people in their every-day
  • Good next-to-skin-comfort
  • Semisynthetic material
  • Ultrasonic weldable

Feel free to reach out to discuss possible options with us in detail on filtration@neenah.de

Gessner Website

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by Horst Goeltsche-Kuehn

Glatfelter's Global Response to COVID-19 Includes:

  • Providing engineered materials to manufacture critical products for healthcare professionals and consumers to maintain good health, cleanliness, and personal comfort
  • Exploring alternative applications for our nonwoven materials to create single-use, disposable products for healthcare professionals and consumers
  • Sustaining production for wipes, health and hygiene products, and food and beverage items
  • Partnering with businesses to provide needed hand sanitizer, face shields, and sanitizing wipes to local organizations in need

Other COVID-19 actions include:

  • Shifted to a work-from-home arrangement, where feasible, and discontinued entry of non-essential visitors to Glatfelter facilities to mitigate the potential spread of the virus
  • Expanded safety and hygiene protocols to instill a "duty of care" mindset among employees
  • Implemented stringent procedures to quickly isolate team members with symptoms of illness including but not limited to COVID-19
  • Discontinued all business travel until further notice
  • Developed frequent communications and leveraged technology to keep all employees informed
  • Acknowledged employees and demonstrating appreciation for their dedication and professionalism 

Glatfelter Website

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Great Lakes Filter

by Matt Utley

  • Pivoted our 100-year-old textile company to supply PPE to our local hospitals in Detroit
  • Flown in over 3 million masks so far for our area health care workers
  • Everyone is working from home, most are working around the clock
  • Supplying local manufacturers with meltblown material for masks
  • Moving 200 tons of meltblown material and shipping American-made meltblown all over the world
  • Planning to launch a new antimicrobial textile technology material into North America before COVID-19 hit. Open to discuss this new textile as we believe the demand will skyrocket with pandemic awareness

Great Lakes Filter Website

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Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc.

by Uwe Peregi

  • Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc. has set up a mask task force to coordinate all efforts to supply ultrasonic welding technology for the production of face masks
  • "Nine different mask types have been identified," says CEO Thomas Herrmann, ranging from simple face masks to complex 3D deep-drawn masks with breathing valves

To read more:


Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc. Website

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Hills Inc.

by Timothy Robson

We’re starting up our 0.5m meltblown pilot line to produce N95 media:

  • Gathering various pieces of equipment to make a 1.0m line to temporarily produce filter media 

Hills Inc. Website

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International Paper

by Dr. Alissa Campbell Shaw

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JCEM Group

by Chris Lyons

We're in the fight against COVID-19 by providing pleating equipment:

  • Supporting existing customers who suddenly "re-tooled" to start manufacturing pleated facemasks using our machinery
  • Remotely offering technical assistance on machine programming, web-handling, and other general guidance
  • Accelerated production to finish machinery earlier than anticipated, so new pleating machines could be deployed into production much faster
  • Sacrificed all demonstration equipment worldwide that is vital for everyday development needs, and normally not for sale, for customers to use in the production of respirator filters and other filtration needs in the fight against COVID-19

JCEM Group Website

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Johns Manville

by Martin Kleinebrecht

The Engineered Products division of Johns Manville is finding new ways to support the communities and people who are on the front lines of this global crisis. U.S. production has recently started on two urgently needed nonwovens fabrics:

  • For the manufacturing of various types of needed face masks Johns Manville in Richland, MS, has started production of a meltblown filtration media. The media is exceeding Level 1 BFE 95% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) and VFE (Viral Filtration Efficiency) requirements. These results were verified by an FDA-registered national laboratory. Sales inquiries: Patrick.Morgan@JM.com

Press release: https://www.jm.com/en/blog/2020/april/Johns-Manville-Starts-Production-of-Nonwoven-Media-for-Face-Masks/

  • For the manufacturing of disposable medical gowns and privacy curtains Johns Manville in Spartanburg, SC, has started production of a coated continuous filament, calendared polyester nonwoven. It meets the requirements for a Level 3 medical gown as established by ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012 Liquid barrier performance and classification of protective apparel and drapes intended for use in health care facilities. Per this standard, the material was tested to AATCC 42-2017 Water Resistance: Impact Penetration Test and AATCC 127-2017 Water Resistance: Hydrostatic Pressure Test. Additionally, Evalith® 017/120H3 has been tested to and meets the flammability standard per 16 CFR Part 1610 Class 1, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration policy and guidance. Sales inquiries: Richard.Hausman@JM.com

Press release: https://www.jm.com/en/blog/2020/may/johns-manville-starts-production-of-nonwoven-fabric-for-medical-gowns/

TV coverage on WYFF News: https://youtu.be/rqQ9Uca677g

JM Nonwovens Website: https://www.jm.com/en/nonwovens/

JM Engineered Products Campaign Website: https://www.jmextramile.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/jm-extra-mile-/

Johns Manville Website

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Kimberly-Clark Corporation

by Bryan D. Haynes, Ph.D.

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KleenTest Products

by Ron Roach

  • We're developing a program to educate our workforce on minimizing the spread of germs and guidelines for illness-related absences
  • Employees are encouraged to stay home if they are feeling ill and to remain home for 72 hours after illness symptoms subside
  • All of our employees have access to a virtual doctor service for initial evaluations from their home 24/7 and are encouraged to use this, and our EAP service to obtain care as soon as symptoms begin. We are using all communication channels to keep our workforce educated and updated on developing situations and resulting plans
  • With multiple facilities in close proximity to each other, we can flex our workforce between shifts and facilities to meet production goals for critical products
  • Our Purchasing team continues to work with our suppliers to assess any potential disruptions in supply. We will continue to monitor any potential delays and notify customers immediately

KleenTest Products Website

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by Filip Miermans

In May, the newly founded company Hygiene Austria started production of face masks at Lenzing's production site in Austria.

Also, in May, Hygiene Austria started production of face masks at Lenzing's production site in Grimsby.

Hygiene Austria produces children-s mouth-nose face masks and FFP2 protective masks for schools and holiday care.

For more information, visit:


Lenzing Website

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by Robb Lovegrove

  • Donating to support the fight against COVID-19
  • Changing our production assets to focus more on PPE
  • Focused on our offerings experiencing elevated demands 

Milliken Website

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Mogul Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.

by Cagdas Yaz

  • We recently dedicated our full meltblown capacity to the domestic market to support Turkish Government efforts to manufacture and distribute masks
  • We've donated a full truck of meltblown and spunbond PP (half/half) of fabrics to Government

Mogul Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. Website

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Mondonock Non-Wovens

by Keith Hayward

  • We’ve been making surgical face mask media for many years, due to the pandemic we’ve:
  • Dramatically increased our production capacity and added extra production people to supply the growing need in North America for use in the large number of companies starting to make face masks or respirators
  • Supplied enough media to make a half-billion masks

Mondonock Non-Wovens Website

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OPTIMA Machinery Corporation

by Melissa Kuhn

  • Supporting wrapping solutions in the production of mouth and nose protection masks
  • Since March 23, a maximum of 24,000 masks per day are sewn at 20 workplaces

To read more: https://www.nonwovens-industry.com/content-microsite/non_covid-19/2020-04-03/optima-supports-wrapping-solutions-in-the-production-of-masks

OPTIMA Machinery Corporation Website

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Pratrivero SpA

by Paolo Barberis Canonico

With Group headquarters based in Italy, we're fortunate nobody in the Pratrivero organization has been directly infected and with our precautions, we've been able to keep working:

  • Converting part of our organization to produce face masks and fabric for gowns
  • Manufacturing 500k masks per day for the Italian Unit for Pandemic Crisis, distributed throughout Italy
  • Partnering with one of the world largest fashion Group (Ermenegildo Zegna) to supply a nonwoven for manufacturing medical gowns (approximately 280,000 pieces) for the Italian and Swiss Crisis Units
  • Pratrivero USA is supplying tens of thousands of yards of medical protective fabric to our U.S. manufacturing customers for use in gowns at cost
  • Pratrivero and the Barberis Canonico family (owners of the Group) have donated significant quantities of fabric and face masks to numerous organizations

Pratrivero SpA Website

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Precision Fabrics Group Inc.

by Ryan Campbell

Precision Fabrics Group is working overtime to expand its production of a special fabric for tens of thousands of protective gowns for hospital workers.

To read more:


Precision Fabrics Group Inc. Website

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Procter & Gamble

by Andreas Dreher

Proctor & Gamble is converting manufacturing capacity from product to face masks at nearly a dozen manufacturing sites globally.

To read more:



Procter & Gamble Website

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Pulcra Chemicals

by Kay McCoy

To fight against this virus, Pulcra remains open with reduced staff on site, to provide the finishes needed by the fiber and web producers to make specialized chemicals and textile auxiliaries used in the manufacturing of textile articles for protection and hygiene.

Read more:

Pulcra Chemicals Grateful for Heroic Efforts of Workers on the Front Line of COVID-19 Response

Pulcra Chemicals is grateful for the heroic efforts of first responders, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, transportation workers, janitorial workers, grocery store, big box store and restaurant workers, along with all who are supporting the production of PPE in the fight against COVID-19.

Pulcra Chemicals supplies fiber finishes, repellents, and antimicrobials used by our customers to manufacture knit and nonwoven fabrics for medical end use applications. We have also supplied solutions to our customers that converted their operations to produce face masks.

We are humbled to be able to play a small part in the fight against COVID-19 and will continue to support our customers by providing high quality products when they are needed. We could not do our part without the unwavering support of our employees, and we thank them for their efforts during these uncertain times.

Pulcra Chemicals Website

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Schwartz Manufacturing Company

by Alessandra Schwartz

  • Teamed with another manufacturing company to produce low performance surgical masks using our nonwoven roll goods
  • Following safety and protocols reducing COVID-19 risk at our facility
  • Feeling proud to be a part of the Nonwovens Industry, this is our collective time to shine and protect others!

Schwartz Manufacturing Company Website

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SGS - IPS Testing

by Chris Reitmeyer

SGS - IPS Testing is fully operational and able to assist with PPE testing needs. With years of experience testing face masks, gowns, and drapes, our services range from testing the initial material to the final product design. We can be reached at Appleton.CustomerService@SGS.com

SGS - IPS Testing Website

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by Kathryn Grant

  • Geosynthetics support the construction and infrastructure industries, so we are deemed essential
  • Production continues and we have taken CDC measures recommended to keep employees safe and when possible work from home

Solmax Website

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Southeast Nonwovens Inc.

by Paul Latten

While not in the PPE space, we responded with our hearts and specific requests to produce materials to support traditional textile industry employees in NC safety and employment. Examples of our response include:

  • Within hours, we produced prototype materials for masks, drapes, and gowns
  • Within seven days, we produced commercial production roll goods for masks
  • Now, we are producing paper-based mask media for clients using our wetlaid machines
  • We continue to provide guidance to companies not in this business

Southeast Nonwovens Inc. Website

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Southern Regional Research Center (SRRC), ARS-USDA

by Doug Hinchcliff

Unfortunately, we are shut down and in telework status. The administration at (USDA-ARS) is not allowing any research to be conducted. Consequently, we are unable to perform experiments or nonwovens production until our site is re-opened. I have received collaborative inquiries to use alternative materials such as cotton fibers for N95 mask production, but cannot access my roll goods inventory to send samples for prototype testing. Wish it were different…looking forward to return to research. 

Southern Regional Research Center (SRRC), ARS-USDA Website

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Spraying Systems Co.

by Mike Cash

Spraying Systems Co.'s facilities are operating to deliver product and solutions that are making a difference in the health and safety of our customers and communities with:

-      Direct involvement: SSCo is donating environmentally responsible sanitizer and disinfectant to local first-responders and state officials in the Chicagoland (Illinois) area. This PathoCide is produced in-house using equipment manufactured by PathoSans, a division of Spraying Systems Co. www.pathosans.com or www.klarion.com

-     Indirect involvement: SSCo supplied spray systems have transitioned like other suppliers, in the service to now apply antimicrobials, moisture blocks, or other processing aids necessary in the change-over or to help increase production line speeds


Contact: Jess Messenger

Mulberry Marketing Communications



PathoSans Answers Governor Pritzkers Call to Action,

Will Donate 5,000 Gallons of Sanitizer to Address State's Urgent Needs

GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill. - In response to Governor Pritzker's urgent plea to Illinois businesses to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, PathoSans Technologies will donate up to 5,000 gallons/day of its PathoCide(R) sanitizer and disinfectant to the state. PathoCide kills human coronavirus and other viruses more resilient to disinfection than SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

PathoSans(R), a division of Spraying Systems Co., will produce the sanitizer using equipment it manufactures in Glendale Heights, Illinois. It will donate the sanitizer to state first responders and the teams that support them who cannot secure enough sanitizer due to shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The sanitizer will allow the state to clean vehicles, work surfaces, and facilities to keep government personnel and Illinois citizens safer during the coronavirus crisis.

"During this state of emergency, a shortage of effective sanitizers and disinfectants quickly became a significant issue," said Dr. William J. Kohley, President of PathoSans Technologies. "Our ECA systems are designed to supply high volumes of environmentally responsible cleaners and sanitizers. They are manufactured right here in IL, so if we redirected production to address local supply chain shortages, we knew we could help immediately. It was a unique situation and our state officials and community leaders vetted the idea, process, and figured out how to make it happen."

PathoSans thanks Governor J.B. Pritzker and his staff, especially Deputy Governor Christian Mitchell; the Illinois Department of Agriculture, including Director Jerry Costello, General Counsel John Teefey and the department's technical staff; State Senators Tom Cullerton and Elgie R. Sims, Jr.; State Representative Deb Conroy; DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin; President and CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association Mark Denzler; and Andrew Wheeler, Vice President of Marketing, FutureCeuticals, and Chairman, Kankakee County Board. Without their help, PathoSans could not have navigated the regulatory process that enabled PathoCide sanitizer deployment in the fight against COVID-19.

About PathoSans: PathoSans Technologies is a division of Spraying Systems Co., which has operated in Illinois for over 80 years and is the world's leading manufacturer of spray nozzles and precision spray technology. PathoSans provides on-site generation (OSG) devices that produce ready-to-use, highly effective cleaners and sanitizers known as electrochemically activated (ECA) solutions. Learn more about these sustainable cleaning technologies at PathoSans.com and Klarion.com (Industrial ECA systems).

# # #

Spraying Systems Co. Website

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Stein Fibers, Ltd.

by Kaylee Smith

  • +1 million pounds shipped for masks
  • +500k pounds shipped for FEMA mattresses
  • +2 million pounds shipped to thermal insulation for food packaging
  • +500k pounds shipped to air filtration

To read more:


Stein Fibers, Ltd. Website

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Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC

by Frank Porto

As a strategic partner with Hollingsworth & Vose and using Technostat, a high quality, electrostatic filter media, Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC has partnerships with vital companies in the fight against COVID-19, including Honeywell, GM, Ventec and Phillips.

Read more: https://www.inda.org/membership/member-news/superior-felt-filtraon-llc-responds-swily-to-the-global-demand-for-surgical-hoods-mask-components-viralbacterial-and-venlator-filter/

Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC Website

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Suzano Papel E. Celulose

by Aline Farias

We thank everyone for their solidarity and dedication, and we thank those who leave their homes every day to help ensure no shortages of product during this critical moment. Check out this page for all information that we have prepared to help combat the new variant of the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

Visit: https://www.suzanoagainstcoronavirus.com/

Suzano Papel E. Celulose Website

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by Alexandra Diehl

Synthomer Malaysia Donates 450,000 Medical Gloves to Hospital in Bergamo, Italy

Synthomer is donating 450,000 medical gloves to the municipal hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, Italy. The hospital is situated in the heart of the Lombardy region of Italy which has been severely affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our Italian colleagues made us aware of the severe shortage of PPE in the region, and as one of the world’s leading suppliers of Nitrile Latex, we were able to reach out to some of our major customers and commercially secure medical gloves supplies. At this time our customers are oversold with lead times of four to six months, so we are extremely grateful for their assistance and swift response to our request, and in addition for the matching donations a number of them made,“ said Derick Whyte, Synthomer President Performance Elastomers and Asia.

Malaysia is also under an MCO or lockdown with many industries closed. However, a number of employees worked tirelessly to ensure the shipments were prepared and dispatched to Italy. The first of two shipments arrived at Bergamo airport mid-April and was handed over to the staff of the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital by the local Synthomer logistics team. Synthomer is grateful to all partners and employees who supported this initiative, and also wishes to thank in particular the local medical staff for the relentless commitment to saving lives during the corona crisis.  

Synthomer Website

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Teknoweb North America

by Carl Cucuzza

  • We have accelerated delivery of new and used machines
  • We are developing a mask production machine for quick delivery and have multiple orders in-house
  • We are maintaining remote service and parts support for our customers who are running 24/7 to supply the need for disinfecting wipes

Teknoweb North America Website

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The Nonwovens Institute (NWI) at North Carolina State University

by Dr. Behnam Pourdeyhimi

The Nonwovens Institute (NWI) at North Carolina State University is proactively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our aim is to fully leverage and fortify our facilities to produce face masks that are desperately needed in the coronavirus fight.

To read more:

Fort Bragg teams with NC State to produce masks during global pandemic


The Nonwovens Institute (NWI) at North Carolina State University Website

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by Bob Hyslop

Since most disposable face masks in the US market are manufactured in other countries and imported into the US, the recent global COVID-19 outbreak has caused a shortage of face masks all over the US.

Uniquetex, a nonwovens company located near Charlotte NC, has been making polypropylene nonwoven roll goods for several years. These products are key raw materials used to make disposable face masks.

With the current COVID-19 epidemic crisis, the company was looking to help in any way possible during this time. In early March, the management team decided to take action and made significant investments to buy and air ship new face mask machines and creating a new company, Ecoguard, Inc. After around the clock diligence and hard work from everyone, the first face mask manufacturing line has come online in early March, followed by 16 additional machines. Currently there are 17 machines running. The plan is to have twenty, 3-layer surgical mask machines and five, KN95 machines by July/August 2020. It is important to note that all our masks are made from the nonwoven raw materials we manufacture here in Grover, NC.

The face masks have been tested and qualified to wear as ASTM 2100-2019 level 3 Surgical masks. This along with the EUA have enabled us to provide masks to US health care professionals, hospitals and the general public.

For information or ordering face masks contact customer service department at 704-457-3003, ext 1.  

Uniquetex Website

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W+D North America Inc.

by i.A. Kerstin Zander

  • Developed a fully automatic, high-speed converting line capable of producing 1 million disposable 3-ply surgical grade masks per day with a lower cost mask design.
  • Provides efficient machinery to satisfy the high demand of masks worldwide (in cooperation with W+D and BICMA).
  • Started producing face masks type II EN 14683 on a retrofitted lab machine.

For full details visit: https://www.inda.org/w-dbicma-develops-3-ply-face-mask-line-capable-of-1-million-disposable-surgical-masks-per-day-with-a-lower-cost-mask-design/

W+D North America Inc. Website

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Web Industries, Inc.

by Adrienne Green

As a provider of precision converting and contract manufacturing services, Web Industries has increased production capacity and new product development to support a wide range of critical PPE and medical suppliers:

Our Fort Wayne, Indiana, facility has ramped up production of PPE components such as face mask and surgical gown ties, bindings, and other parts to meet the global surge in demand. Web Fort Wayne currently supplies 43 different formatted PPE parts using material from over a dozen different manufacturers.


Our Holliston, Massachusetts, facility is working with medical industry leaders to develop and mass-produce COVID-19 rapid diagnostic tests based on lateral flow technologies. An alternative to slower laboratory-based testing processes, these “point-of-care” tests will be able to provide effective results in as little as five minutes and at one-quarter the cost of current options.


With a wide array of cutting-tables, our Nantes, France, facility is producing disposable face masks and protective aprons for the French government, hospitals, and other health care providers.



Our Middlesex, Vermont, facility has produced disposable face mask kits for internal use within Web facilities and is developing similar face covering and isolation gowns for external customers. Additionally, they are assembling saliva collection kits to support COVID-19 detection and diagnosis testing.

Our facilities continue to work under COVID-19 protocols implemented in early March and continuously updated as the pandemic has evolved.




Web Industries, Inc. Website

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WPT Nonwovens Corporation

by Travis Robbins

  • Responding with high-volume production of surgical masks and N95 respirator masks for COVID-19 emergency needs of related medical supplies
  • WPT has invested in 2 fully automated face mask lines to produce 100,000 surgical masks per day starting May 1st and 35,000 N95 respirators per day starting June 15th
  • Renovated a 6,000 sq.ft. warehouse into a medical converting space and will hire 30 new employees

To read more:


WPT Nonwovens Corporation Website

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by Joe Vergona

  • Rapidly producing mask machines in Japan and offering them to all customers worldwide virtually at cost
  • Focusing resources towards new mask machine design, machine conversion upgrades, and conversion kits for existing equipment

ZUIKO Website

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