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NAPCO Consumer Products Co.

by Pierre Nehmetallah

Our company operates in KSA, we continue to fight COVID-19 internally and continue to operate as much as possible, below are actions taken that are mainly common to many other companies and in compliance with WHO and local authorities.
  • Temperature measurements for all people entering the company
  • Safe distance between employees
  • Increasing lunch breaks time interval to reduce people presence inside cafeteria
  • Stop all mass activities like sports, events, training, etc.
  • Tool box to all employees about personal hygiene
  • Availing food supply to our employees in our employees’ dorms
  • Increase transportation buses to increase social distancing inside the bus coming to school
  • Adapt smart work from home for all employees that can work from home giving them remote access to their data etc…to work efficiently from home
  • Putting sanitizers inside all sections in the company and in dorms
  • Making dedicated team to sanitize frequently all common facilities doors, etc., inside the company
  • Hire dedicated furnished apartments for isolation of suspected cases
  • Emergency response teams tackle issues related to COVID-19 problems
  • Create online courses for employees training to benefit from their stay at home
  • Make new space for prayer rooms inside company to have safe distance between employees that would like to pray at prayer times
  • All meetings are done with video conference calls using Microsoft teams, Skype, Webex, etc.

NAPCO Consumer Products Co. Website

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National Wiper Alliance

by Jeff Slosman

In addition to hiring 30+ new employees, we’re:

  • Starting a 3rd and a 4th shift to increase output to meet increased demand.
  • Continuing to work closely with suppliers to increase supply of raw material to increase output of wipes for customers
  • Placed orders for three new production lines and are fast-tracking with suppliers for summer production
  • Imported masks to supply our essential customers that need them to remain open
  • Adopted protocols to help our workers stay healthy and remain open to supply customers

National Wiper Alliance Website

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Neenah Filtration

by Tina Dinzenhofer

Neenah Filtration develops material for civil masks

Neenah Filtration is proud to introduce a new material to facilitate the societies’ way back to normal life. The constant demand of mouth-nose protection for an everyday use prompted the development of a filter medium for community and civil masks to protect people. In addition it has a special focus on good breathability.

The newly developed material is produced in our German and US sites. It is a semisynthetic material which is ultrasonic weldable. As It is durable it can be used as a single layer application and protects people in their every-day. Our 50g/m˛ material offers an efficiency of >80% @ 3µm (KCl @ 10 cm/s). It has a good next-to-skin comfort due to its softness.

Please find the key benefits summarized below:

  • Durable to use it as a single-layer
  • Protects people in their every-day
  • Good next-to-skin-comfort
  • Semisynthetic material
  • Ultrasonic weldable

Feel free to reach out to discuss possible options with us in detail on filtration@neenah.de

Neenah Filtration Website

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Northeastern Nonwovens

by Michael Roche

Our needlepunch technology is not ideal for most medical requirements that call for meltblown & spunbond, however we are:

  • Working with a few companies on alternative materials for face masks and gowns
  • One material successfully molding masks is performing very close to N95 mask
  • Other materials we’re advancing are gown designs to be suitable for Level 1 and Level 2 gowns
  • Internally, we’ve implemented several policies ranging from daily/weekly cleaning to face mask requirements, and asked a few high-risk employees to remain home for their own safety

Northeastern Nonwovens Website

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Northshore Supply

by Adam Greenberg

Northshore Supply Website

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