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Mogul Nonwovens advances environmental and social responsibility throughout our organization, including our manufacturing processes. We educate our employees about sustainable practices and strive to utilize less natural resources and raw materials during production. We apply transparency and traceability in our production processes, products and in our supply chain. Reducing water, energy and chemical consumption helps us achieve more sustainable manufacturing with our state- of-the-art technology. Mogul Nonwovens also works hard to minimize waste and lower carbon emissions by reducing greenhouse gases.

At Mogul, we’re committed to advancing and placing sustainability at the center of everything we do. Our strategy is based on two main boulevards: Sustainable processes to produce our products, and manufacturing products that are based on natural fibers, biopolymers and circular products that are recyclable and biodegradable. Serkan Gogus, CEO, Mogul Nonwovens
Serkan Gogus, CEO, Mogul Nonwovens

We incorporate natural, bio-based, biodegredable, recycled and sustainable materials with our advanced manufacturing technology. We are proud to certify our products as sustainably produced in order to mitigate the effects on the environment.

We supply natural, sustainable products under the brand of Mogul Naturals: Cotton, Linen, Hemp, and fiber-containing spunlace fabrics. We also supply biodegradable and sustainable products under the Biomol brand: spunlace fabrics produced using Viscose, Bamboo, Tencel, PLA, BioPET fibers. Our recyclable, sustainable products under the REMOG brand name are: Spunlace, Spunbond and Microfilament fabrics containing Polypropylene and Polyester raw materials.

We document all our work on sustainability and all the products we produce with our ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OEKO-TEX, GRS, RCS, FSC, PEFC certificates that are valid worldwide. We continuously update and improve our sustainability approach in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and ILO standards.

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