INDA Hall of Fame

Lifetime Technical Achievement Awards

This award is based on nominations received from the industry, member companies and other interested stakeholders. INDA’s Technical Advisory Board then votes with the selection criterion that includes nonwoven technology involvement, INDA membership, and at least 20 years of industry service based on advancing the technology of the industry and culminating with commercial successes.

Lifetime Technical Achievement Awards
2001 Robert Brock Kimberly-Clark
2001 Nick Newman Consultant
2002 Subhash Batra NCRC, NCSU
2002 Jay Sommers Kimberly-Clark
2003 D.K. Smith Smith, Johnson & Associates
2004 Mike Morman Morman Consulting
2005 C.Y. Cheng Consultant
2006 P.C. Wu Clopay Plastic Products Company
2006 Ann L. McCormack Kimberly-Clark Corporation
2007 Kays Chinai Johnson & Johnson, Rayonier
2008 Larry Wadsworth (Academic) The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2008 David Newkirk (Industry) Fiberweb
2009 Behnam Pourdeyhimi North Carolina State University
2010 Terry Young Procter & Gamble
2011 Mike Putnam Retired, PGI
2012 David L. Lunceford HDK Industries, Inc.
2014 Joseph D. Wahlquist Rockline Industries
2015 Thomas W. Federle The Procter & Gamble Co.
2016 Edward (Ed) A. Vaughn, Ph.D. Clemson University
2017 Bryan D. Haynes, Ph.D. Kimberly-Clark Corporation
2018 Ralph Moody, P.E. Berry Global, Inc.
2019 Stephen Chester
2021 John F. Poccia III Johnson & Johnson (retired) and Poccia Consulting LLC
2022 Richard Knowlson
2023 Ed Thomas
2023 James (Jim) Robinson Absorbent Hygiene Insights, LLC
2023 Seshadri Ramkumar, Ph.D. Texas Tech University

Lifetime Service Awards

The Lifetime Service Award is given to individuals who have a long established record of service to INDA, specifically, and the Nonwovens Industry as a whole. The basic requirements include 20 years of service in nonwoven related functions; they must be a current of retired INDA member in good standing and must have a record of participation in INDA activities.

Beyond the basics, the successful candidate would have maintained an active partnership with INDA. This individual would have held a key role in planning and executing the long term success of at least one of INDA’s major events or services. This person is an avid supporter and spokesperson for the nonwovens industry.

In summary, The Lifetime Service Award is given to the individual who has given his or her best both personally and professionally to the service of INDA and the Industry.

Lifetime Service Awards
2007 William A. (Bill) Haile
2008 Roy M. Broughton, Jr.
2009 Stephen P. Quinn
2010 Jay Forcucci
2011 Morris T. Collins, Jr.
2012 Peter Wallace Arclin
2014 Thomas A. Justice Zene, LLC
2014 James P. Hanson Marketing Technology Service, Inc.
2016 Robert (Bob) Dale Berry Plastics
2017 Robert Averell Auriga Polymers, Inc.
2019 Nick Hrinko Lenzing Fibers, Inc.
2021 Nick Santoleri Rockline Industries
2022 Dave Rousse, President Emeritus INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry
2023 Jan O’Regan

INDA Lifetime Achievement Awards

Presented to an individual who has contributed to the advancement of the nonwovens industry for at least 20 years. Award is announced every three years at the IDEA show.

INDA Lifetime Achievement Awards
2001 Wayne Hays
2004 Ted Wirtz
2007 Lee Sullivan
2007 Ed Vaughn
2010 Cos Camelio
2013 Rory Holmes
2016 Leo Cancio Clopay
2019 Robert P. Julius Nice-Pak/PDI
2022 Val Hollingsworth Hollingsworth & Vose Company