Roy M. Broughton, Jr.

Lifetime Service Award


Roy M. Broughton, Jr.EDUCATION

North Carolina State University:

Ph.D. 1970  Fiber and Polymer Science
M. S. 1967 Wood and Paper Science;  Chemistry minor
B. S. 1964  Pulp and Paper Technology


Memberships: The Fiber Society, American Chemical Society,  Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (Nonwovens Division:  Previously held all the officer positions on Fibers Committee, and was Continuing Education Chairman and Member of the Nonwovens Division Council), Auburn Representative on International Nonwovens and Disposables Association (INDA) Technical Advisory Board.  Member of Program Committee for the Joint TAPPI/INDA International Nonwovens Technical Conference.  Previous Member of Editorial Board of International Nonwovens Journal. Area Editor Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics.

Occasional review for Textile Research Journal, International Nonwovens Journal, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, the U.S. Department of Commerce (patents), the U. S. Department of Agriculture (Research and SBIR proposals) and Presentation of some 80 papers at short courses and scientific meetings, author/coauthor on some 50 refereed publications, and  inventor on 6  US Patents.


September, 1976 ‑ present:  Professor of Textile Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama (Tenure: 1982, Graduate faculty: 1985, Full Professor: 1993, Philpott-WestPoint Stevens Distinguished Professor 1999 – 2002.

January, 1970 ‑ September, 1976:  Senior Research Chemist, Polyester Research and Development Division, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio


Summer 2004,  Summer Faculty Fellow, NASA Marshal Space Flight Center,  Huntsville, AL.
Summer 1986, Summer Faculty Intern, U. S. Army R D and E Laboratory, Natick, MA.
Summer 1983 and 1984 Summer Intern, Electronics Dept., West Point Pepperell, Shawmut, AL
June, 1966 ‑ January, 1970:  Research Fellowship, Department of Textile Chemistry, North Carolina State University, Raleigh N.C.
Summer 1964,  Research Engineer, Westvaco,  Savannah, GA.


Elected to Phi Psi Textile Honorary (1982),
Textile Engineering Outstanding Faculty Member (1983, 1990).
Philpott-WestPoint Stevens Distinguished Professor of Textile Engineering (1999 – 2002), Mark Hollingsworth Prize – Nonwovens Division of Tappi (2000).
Best Paper, Fibers Session, INTC 2004, Spun Melt 2007.
EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, 2005, (Team Award – Member of Team).  Appointed Adjunct Professor in the Center for Green Manufacturing, UA Tuscaloosa, 2004 – present.
Appointed Adjunct Professor in the Department of Materials Engineering  University of Tennessee 2006.
Coauthor on Best Conference Paper, INTC 2007


Auburn University:

1. Research:

Major research areas have included:

  1. * Protective materials – permeability, filtration, ballistics,  chemical reactivity, insulation.
  2. * High performance fabric structures – lunar habitat etc.
  3. *Antimicrobial treatments for fibers, fabrics and other surfaces,
  4. *Novel extrusion processes for polymer solutions and gels,
  5. *High performance composite structures for tethers and containers,
  6. Extrusion of bioengineered proteins,
  7. *New braided structures and production machinery,
  8. *Nonwovens from unique fibers (partially carbonized, basalt, *feathers, waste etc.),
  9. *Measurement of nonwoven properties (*insulation, filtration, emi shielding etc),
  10. Fiber property measurement  (length distribution, maturity, stickiness and friction),
  11. Infra-red heating of textile substrates,
  12. Physical properties of acoustic foam,
  13. Computer aided design of woven and knitted textiles, and
  14. Various chemical finishing technologies for fibers and fabrics.

*  Current

2.  Teaching  Graduate Level

Teaching a graduate level course in “Polymer Chemistry” (FBEN 6510) Structures, synthesis, kinetics,
MWD, production methods.
Teaching a graduate level course in “Structure and Properties of Polymers” (TE 7310) and laboratory.
Teaching a graduate leveling course covering all aspects of textile manufacturing  (ITAS 7200).
Direction of graduate level projects courses and thesis research.
Service as  Graduate Program Officer and initial advisor to all Textile graduate students (1988-1993).
Committee Member on 16 previous MS Committees and Chairman on 6 MS Committees (4 completed)
Committee member on 12 previous PhD Committees, Chairman on 6 PhD Committees (4 completed)


Teaching undergraduate in fiber science. Lectures concentrate on structure/property relationships; laboratories involve extrusion, microscopy, fiber identification, chemical/ physical testing.

Teaching of a course in Non-Conventional Fabric Structures (nonwovens and carpets).  The course covers both the manufacturing technologies and the structure and properties of the products produced.

Previous Teaching

Teaching courses in Introductory Textile Chemistry and in Textile Slashing and Yarn Preparation

Teaching a course in Analytical Instrumentation.  An introduction was provided in the techniques of gas chromatography, infrared and visible spectroscopy, color measurement), x‑ray diffraction, thermal analysis, electron microscopy, viscosity, pressure, and temperature measurements.

3.  Extension:

Teaching in some ten or more Extension Courses at Auburn University Engineering.  Material presented  included fibers, nonwovens, SPC, texturing, testing, waste‑water treatment, polypropylene, and adhesion.

Teaching in a dozen or more short courses and tutorials presented by the Nonwovens Division of TAPPI and at the International Nonwovens Technical Conference (nonwoven products, fibers and processes).

Short teaching, research or testing projects as service to industry for at least fifty different companies.

4.  Administration:

Oversight of  Nonwovens,  Fiber Extrusion, and Physical and Chemical Testing laboratories in the Department of Polymer and Fiber Engineering. This has included the design, installation and startup of the  Nonwovens and Fiber Extrusion laboratories,  project supervision for fiber and fabric testing, as well as personnel supervision in the day-to- day operations of the laboratories.

Senior Research Chemist,  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.:

Work included:
Bench  scale polymerization – evaluation of new monomers, copolymers,
Pilot plant evaluation of low diethylene glycol polymerization process,
Pilot plant evaluation of heated quench collar for extrusion,  yarn for texturing,  melt filtration,
Pilot plant evaluation of false twist texturing,
Test method development for gel in polymer and fiber,
Fiber and polymer microscopy – identification of contamination,
Extrusion plant trials of new spin finishes, and  troubleshooting size variation in fiber production.

Other Relevant Information

Dr. Broughton’s broad background in science and engineering allow him to make contributions to a wide variety of problems in manufacture, processing and use of fibers and polymeric materials.


  • “Biocidal siloxane coating material containing N-halogenated amine and amide functional groups” Worley; Shelby D., Chen; Yongjun, Liang; Jie, Wu; Rong, Barnes; Kevin, Broughton; Royall M.., Cho; Unchin , Lee; Jaewoong, US Patent  7,335,373 , February 26, 2008.
  • “Rotably Driven Braiding Machine”, John Klein, David Beale and Roy Broughton U. S. Patent 5,913,959, June 22, 1999.
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  • “Method for producing polyesters containing low amounts of ether by‑products” U. S. Patent
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PRESENTATIONS (Presentation made by RMB unless otherwise noted)


  • Multistate meeting for S1031 Improvement and Sustainability of Channel-Blue Hybrid Catfish Embryo Production, Comparison of Cellulose Acetate and EVAC Based Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone Analog Implants for the Production of Channel-Blue Hybrid Catfish Embryos, Rex Dunham (presenter) , Amina Zuberi, Royall Broughton , Fatma Kilinc-Balci Alison Hutson, Megan Rosinski, Atra Chaimongkol, Andrew Gima , D. Allen Davis  and Jesse Chappell, February 2008
  • Techtextile 08,  “Smooth-Surface Calendered High Performance Melt Blown Membranes from Liquid Crystalline Polymer”,  Larry C. Wadsworth 1, Roy M. Broughton, Jr2 (Speaker), Chris Eash3, Tonya J. Groomes4, M. G. Kamath1, Peter P. Tsai3, and Tommy Washington1 Atlanta, GA, April 1-3, 2008
  • Techtextile 08, “Nano-reinforced Shape Memory Fibers” Maria L. Auad*, Tara Richardson, Mirna A. Mosiewicki, Fatma Kilinc-Balci, Norma E. Marcovich, Roy M. Broughton, Jr., Atlanta, GA, April 1-3, 2008


  • Invited Seminar, “Processing of Polymers in Ionic Liquids”, Georgia Institute of Technology, November 19, 2007.
  • The Fiber Society,  “Antimicrobial, Elastomeric Fibers and Films via Halamines” Hasan Kocer1, Fatma Kilinc-Balci1,  Maria Auad1,  Mirna Mosiewicki Roy M. Broughton1, Jr., S. D. Worley2, and T.S. Huang3
    University of Californina, Davis,  October 9 – 12, 2007.
  • International Nonwovens Technical Conference  (INTC),  “Production and Evaluation of Meltblown Poly(phenylene sulfide)”,  Roy M. Broughton, Jr.,  Chris Eash and Larry C. Wadsworth,  Atlanta, GA September 25-27, 2007,  proceedings.
  • INTC, “Extrusion of Composite Fibers”, Fatma S. Kilinc-Balci (presenter), Xiuling Fan, Hasan Kocer and Roy M. Broughton,,  Atlanta, GA September 25-27, 2007,  proceedings.
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    Extrusion”, M. A Mosiewicki (presenter),  Tara Richardson,  Fatma Kilinc-Balci,  Roy M. Broughton, Jr.,  M. L. Auad,  M. I. Aranguren and N. E. Marcovich,  Atlanta,  GA September 25-27, 2007,  proceedings.
  • Textile Processing: State of the Art & Future Developments – 4th International Conference of Textile Research Division NRC,  “Cellulose Fibres Prepared from Direct Dissolution of Cellulose in Ionic Liquids”,  N. Sun (presenter), R. P. Swatlosky, M. L. Maxim, R. M. Broughton, Jr.,4 S. K. Spear, D. T. Daly, A. Haque, A. G. Harland, and R. D. Rogers, Cairo, Egypt, April 15 – 17, 2007, Proceedings: 4 (2) (2007) 139 – 143.
  • Rutgers symposium on Lunar Settlements “A One-Piece Lunar Regolith-Bag Garage Prototype”, Gweneth A. Smithers (presenter), Mary K. Nehls, Mary A. Hovater, Steven W. Evans,  J. Scott Miller, Roy M. Broughton, Jr.,  David Beale, and Fatma Kilinc-Balci,  Rutgers University, June 3 – 8, 2007.
  • The Cotton Beltwide Conferences, “Antimicrobial Cellulose using Halamines”, Roy M. Broughton, Jr,  Jaewoong Lee, Dave Worley,  Akin Akdag,  Kevin Barnes, J. Liang, Unchin Cho, T.S. Huang,  New Orleans, January 2007


  • INDA Short Course,  “Elementary Nonwovens Short Course”,  Roy M. Broughton, Jr. and Gajanan Bhatt,  Raleigh, NC.  December 2006.
  • The Filtration Conference, “Advanced High Temperature Melt Blown Polyphenylene Sulfide Filter Media”  Larry Wadsworth (presenter), Chris Eash, Roy Broughton, Philadelphia, PA, Novenber 2006.
  • Space Resouorces Roundtable VIII, “A One-Piece Lunar Regolith-Bag Garage Prototype” Gweneth A. Smithers, (presenter) Mary K. Nehls, Mary A. Hovater, Steven W. Evans, J. Scott Miller, Roy M. Broughton, Jr., David Beale  (presenter), and Fatma Killinc-Balci, Colorado School of Mines, October 31 – November 2, 2006
  • Fifteenth Molten Salts  Symposium, “A Look at Ionic Liquid Generated Cellulose and Modified Cellulose Fibers”, by R. Swatloski (presenter), R. Broughton, N. Sung, M. Maxim, D. Daly, S. Spear and R. Rogers, Cancun, Mexico, October 30, 2006.
  • The Fiber Society, “Development of Orientation in Extruded Cellulose Fibers” Ramsis Farag,  Roy M. Broughton,  Fatma Kilinc-Balci, Weijun Wang,  Richard Swatloski, and Robin Rogers, Knoxville, TN October, 2006.
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  • U. S.  Air Force (with S. D. Worley, PI) “Biocidal Materials” ~ $ 1,000,000 + over the last 5 years.
  • USDA  “Value Added Products from Feather Fiber” $175K (2004 – 2006)
  • NASA  (with D. Beale)  “Lunar Regolith-Bag Structures” $119K (2005 – 2006)
  • NASA  (with D. Beale, PI,  and P. Schwartz)  Tether Structures for Space Applications  $400K (2006)
  • National Textile Center  “Ionic Liquids for Fiber Extrusion” $120k/year  (2005 – 2007)

Throughout career:  More than  $7,000,000.  from various agencies including:
The National Textile Center
U. S. Air Force
U. S. Army
U. S. Navy
Cotton Inc.
A variety of industrial sponsors.


Supervision of several major evaluation and testing projects in our testing laboratory for various industrial clients.  Major projects have included:
barrier properties of microporous film,
laboratory and pilot scale manufacture of nonwovens.
fireblock laminates,
abrasion of table and seat covers,
audible squeaking of coated fabrics,
extrusion of polypropylene fibers containing particulate FR chemicals
extrusion of polystyrene fibers
extrusion of poly(ethylene/acrylic acid) fibers
production of numerous nonwoven fabrics for insulation, mattress pads, filtration etc.

Consultation and expert witness on UV degradation of polymers for an industrial client.
Consultation on patents for yarn manufacture.