Geotextiles / Construction

Nonwoven Fabrics in Geotextiles and Construction

How many times have you seen road construction? Houses being built? How about those huge rolls of black fabric on the land beside highways and interstates? Nonwovens are an integral part of construction whether on the road or in a building or in your home. Nonwovens offer many advantages in the geotextiles/construction market. Here are some examples . . .

Geotextile nonwoven fabric is used in roadway construction. Geotextiles have multiple advantages when used in roadway projects. They can extend the life of the paved road by helping to reduce the number of potholes. Using these nonwovens have the potential to significantly reduce the number of times roads need to be repaired.

Geotextile nonwoven fabrics are also used for erosion control. Road crews use it for the land beside highways and interstates to help prevent erosion from the rain, snow and wind.

Examples of Nonwovens in Geotextiles and Construction Materials

  • Artificial turf
  • Capillary mats
  • Covers & seed strips
  • Geotextiles, drainage & erosion control
  • Greenhouse shading
  • Insulation
  • Modified bitumen roofing
  • Pavement overlays
  • Roadway reinforcements
  • Roofing components
  • Soil stabilizers