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Polymeric Barrier Chemistries and Their High-performance Applications in Textiles; A Look to the Past, Present, and Future.
Frank Adamsky, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Daikin America, Inc.
Wednesday, May 22nd, 11 am EDT

This presentation will explore the past, present, and future technologies, regulations, and applications of fluoroacrylate and alternate technology copolymers utilized to provide barrier protection in the nonwoven and textile industries.  Fluoroacrylate copolymers have a long and credible track record as repellent and release agents when correctly applied to textile and nonwoven substrates.  These polymeric chemistries increase the life span, durability, and performance of the fabrics to which they are applied.  Daikin appreciates our customers’ needs evolve based on both performance and company policy considerations.  It is our goal to be a barrier technology solutions provider with numerous polymer-based options to meet our client’s requirements.

Industry Expert:

Frank has been with Daikin America for 20+ years where he has served in a variety of roles including Technical Service Manager, Sales & Business Development Manager, and currently holds the Regulatory Affairs Manager and in these positions, Frank has always been involved in regulatory stewardship and has delivered many approvals of Daikin’s fluorochemical products for numerous applications. Frank holds a Doctoral in Chemical Engineering (University of Pittsburgh), Masters in Mechanical Engineering (West Virginia University), and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering (Pennsylvania State University).  He most recently has coauthored 2 peer-reviewed publications on fluorinated materials and holds 3 patents on various fluoropolymer technologies.

Pre-Conference Webinar

#FlushSmart – Fighting Toilet Crimes All Over the U.S.
Lara Wyss, President, RFA
Wednesday, May 29th, 11 am EDT

The Clog Monster is at it again… committing toilet crimes all over California and beyond. He’s ignoring the “Do Not Flush” symbol and using non-flushable wipes to clog sewers.

Luckily, the Responsible Flushing Alliance is on the case! Now in its third year, the #FlushSmart campaign continues its efforts to educate consumers about proper flushing habits regarding what should and should not be flushed.

During this session, you’ll get an update on the #FlushSmart campaign, including addressing the problem (toilet crimes) with a solution (potty training for grownups). We’ll also share the winning entries from our public service announcement competition with the Youth Cinema Project, and plans for our third annual Flush Smart Day!

Flushability Standards & Labelling
Matt O’Sickey, Ph.D., Director of Education & Technical Affairs, INDA
Wednesday, May 29th, 11 am EDT

This webinar will briefly review the existing four major standards or guidelines for flushable products – GD4, IWFSG, UKWIS, and AU/NZ, progress towards an ISO standard for flushable products, current labeling requirements for flushable products, and potential implications of an ISO on labeling requirements.

Industry Experts:

Lara Wyss is currently the President of the Responsible Flushing Alliance. She is a communications executive with more than 25 years of experience leading consumer education and public education campaigns for leading brands and organizations including Starbucks, Unilever, eBay and partnering with nonprofits and trade groups such as The Nature Conservancy, the National Parks Foundation, Conservation International, and the National Coffee Association. Lara has a degree in journalism from The Ohio State University and is completing a Nonprofit Management certificate program from the University of San Diego.

Matthew (Matt) O’Sickey, Ph.D., Director of Education & Technical Affairs, INDA. Matt joined INDA in September 2022. He has prior experience as the Director of Application Engineering and Research & Development for the Americas at RKW North America and as Director of Global Market Development with Tredegar Corporation. He holds a deeply rooted belief that innovation is the result of the intersection of marketing and technology, and this is reflected in his career path, which encompasses both disciplines. His career has entailed developing and bringing to market a range of hygiene and packaging films and nonwoven laminates. Within the hygiene area, he has worked on the development and commercialization of topsheets, surge layers, waistbands, fit and closure elements, breathable films and laminates, backsheets, pouch films, and bags with more recent focus on sustainable solutions. Matt has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Engineering Administration from Virginia Tech, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University with a heavy emphasis on the processing-structure-property relationships of polymeric materials.

Pre-Conference Webinar

Unveiling Sustainability: Navigating the Complexity of Raw Materials Through Life Cycle Assessments
Madyson Partenheimer, Sustainability Manager for Healthcare, Hygiene and Specialties, Berry Global
June 5th, 11 am EDT

With continued pressures for sustainability from a regulatory and consumer standpoint, it is important to understand the “full picture” of suitable raw materials. From procurement to end of life scenarios, this presentation will take an in-depth look at the considerations that contribute to a raw materials carbon footprint and help determine the ever-constant question “what is the best and most sustainable solution?”.

Madyson Partenheimer, Commercial Sustainability Manager for Healthcare, Hygiene, and Specialties division of Berry Global, will discuss the variability of alternative raw materials, from natural materials such as lyocell, rayon, pulp, and cotton, to biopolymers, such as polylactic acid. In addition, she will discuss the pros and cons of each material discussing and the often-overlooked considerations crucial for a complete, holistic life cycle assessment.

Industry Expert:

Madyson Partenheimer, Commercial Sustainability Manager for Healthcare, Hygiene, and Specialties division of Berry Global, will discuss the variability of alternative raw materials, from natural materials such as lyocell, rayon, pulp, and cotton, to biopolymers, such as polylactic acid. In addition, she will discuss the pros and cons of each material discussing and the often-overlooked considerations crucial for a complete, holistic life cycle assessment.

Pre-Conference Webinar

Navigating the Green Horizon: Insights into the Evolving EU Plastic Legislation and Its Impact on the Wipes & Hygiene Industry
Mariagiovanna Vetere, VP-Sustainability & Public Affairs, NatureWorks
Wednesday, June 12th, 11 am EDT

In 2019 the European Union launched the so called “Green Deal”, a framework of innovative and ambitious legislative initiatives targeting climate change, carbon emissions, biodiversity, food safety and plastic pollution. The EU Commission published the Plastic Strategy, a set of proposals targeting the use and dispose of plastic-based items. We will learn how the new plastic legislation is developing, with particular focus on the Policy Framework for biobased and biodegradable plastics, the Single Use Plastic Directive and draft Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation with its possible impacts on the wipes & hygiene businesses.

Industry Expert:

Mariagiovanna Vetere joined NatureWorks in February 2013 and is responsible for EU Public Affairs. Previously she worked for more than 10 years as an Internal Audit and International Affairs Manager at COREPLA and was responsible for relations with European and Italian policy makers. Prior to that, Mariagiovanna Vetere worked for the international consulting company KPMG focussing on Business Process Reengineering. She holds a masters degree in Economics.

Pre-Conference Webinar

Navigating Consumer Perceptions: Unveiling Insights on Wet Wipes
Sam Nebel, Co-founder, Goodwipes
Thursday, June 13th, 11 am EDT

In this webinar, we explore the complex landscape of consumer perceptions surrounding wet wipes. Despite their widespread popularity, a considerable portion of consumers harbor questions and reservations about their usage. It’s crucial for brands to understand the diverse perspectives within this discourse. We highlight the significance of open dialogue, advocating for platforms like Instagram to foster public discourse and feedback. This webinar aims to dissect consumer perceptions, providing indispensable insights for brands navigating the dynamic world of wet wipe consumption.

Industry Expert:

Sam Nebel is the co-founder of Goodwipes, a taboo-smashing, eco-friendly hygiene company empowering people to feel good and change the way people wipe their butts. Prior to starting Goodwipes, Sam was a franchisee of Complete Nutrition, the fastest growing health and wellness franchise in the U.S. at the time. He also launched Party Degree, a nightlife agency bringing the biggest EDM DJ’s and hip-hop artists to colleges in the Southeast. He holds bachelor’s in finance and Entrepreneurship from Florida State University. Sam is an award-winning ceramist. In his free time, he enjoys power walks, being a 200-level chess player, golfing, trail running, reading, and imagining he was an MMA fighter during kickboxing class :). 

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