Join INDA and Good360 to Help Those in Need

INDA® has partnered with Good360, the nonprofit leader in product philanthropy, to launch the first-ever nonwovens industry giving initiative. This partnership creates a simple and streamlined way for the industry value chain to donate products and other contributions to those in need, helping companies improve their bottom line, and most importantly, making a difference in the lives of the families and communities that need it most.

WHY INDA and Good360? 

The nonwovens industry boasts an unusually diverse array of product offerings that can be useful to those in need including things like diapers, medical supplies, wipes, building materials, filtration and much more. However, in many cases, companies that wish to contribute excess inventory and other items to a good cause frequently find that they don’t know which organizations or individuals can actually use their goods, which charities are worthwhile, or how to get the products to those who need them the most.

The INDA and Good360 partnership overcomes these challenges by creating an easy way for companies to support worthy causes with products and other donations.

WHO IS Good360?

  • Recognized by Forbes as one of America’s top 10 most efficient charities, Good360 matches companies with product donations to a network of more than 30,000 prequalified nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.
  • Good360 provides companies expert donation management and a full range of logistics services, including picking up available inventory and getting it into the hands of nonprofits in need.  They also provide comprehensive donation tracking and reporting essential to measure giving impact and maximize the benefits for recipients and donors alike.
  • Since 1983, Good360 has distributed more than $7 billion in product donations to prequalified charities serving countless individuals and communities in need around the globe.

For more information on Good360, visit their website,


  • Whether it’s building materials, roofing, hygiene products, wipes, medical or filtration—there are many products within the industry that can benefit communities in need.   Good360 will work closely with your company to determine if their network of nonprofits can utilize your product, whether it’s a nonwoven or not, while assessing opportunities to use certain unfinished goods.
  • Even if you do not have product to contribute, you can still get involved in the product giving movement. Good360 also happily accepts monetary donations that help cover the cost of shipping and distribution of product donations and can customize an employee giving program that works for you.


You can donate in the event of an emergency, or in non-emergency times. You can donate when you have slow-moving, seasonal or obsolete inventory, to reduce waste going to landfills or you can donate simply because you want to make a difference. The possibilities are virtually endless with INDA and Good360.


  1.  Good360 is an inventory solution. They can take your slow-moving product that’s taking up valuable space on store shelves or in your warehouses and deliver it more than 30,000 pre-qualified nonprofits.
  2. Research shows that enhanced tax deductions associated with donating excess inventory provide a higher return on investment when compared with both liquidation and disposal.
  3. By keeping inventory out of a landfill, you can position yourself as a socially responsible company, differentiate your brand, improve reputation and engage employees.
  4. Good360 will vet and monitor all recipient nonprofits so you can be assured your product donations get into the right hands.
  5. Good360 can do as much or as little as you need, from picking up product from anywhere in the continental US, to delivering your tax documentation and impact data.


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