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Headquartered in Clover, SC, Southeast Nonwovens is taking great strides to transform potential waste into usable products. Their recent sustainability achievement involves the recycling of carbon fibers to make durable consumer goods, such as computer cases. As an alternative to filling landfills with disposable materials, the company recycles carbon fibers for use as an alternative to fiberglass.

The use of more sustainable materials in rigid plastics is a growing trend. This is the business SENW is in now. We’re bringing the future to the present by leveraging material science and engineering in products relevant to consumers’ lives.
Paul Latten, Director of Research & Development & New Business, Southeast Nonwovens, Inc.

Once processed, the recycled material is made into lightweight computer cases by a large manufacturer. This manufacturer – and the environment – benefit with “weight savings” in container ships and reduced fuel and transportation costs.

Another example of Southeast Nonwoven’s sustainability efforts involve responsible sourcing, as they leverage material science that applies uncommonly used fibers for nonwovens to make an impact. Working with a start-up company, Southeast Nonwovens has developed femcare components, such as liners, cores, and acquisition distribution layers, using hemp fibers. Other examples of Southeast Nonwovens’ material science developments include using responsibly sourced banana, sisal, coconut, sugarcane, and flax (linen) to make wet and dry wipes, cleaning products, automotive parts, composites, and plastic part replacements.

Says Paul Latten, Director of Research & Development & New Business, “We’re working on the front end, to make sustainable products in a different way. We’re interested in using material science and engineering to make a positive impact on the planet.”

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Southeast Nonwovens is giving fibers a new life through recycling, working with a major manufacturer to create durable consumer products like computer cases.

Learn more about the advances at Southeast Nonwovens on their website.

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