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South Carolina-based manufacturer Milliken & Company has announced that its science-based net-zero targets have been approved by the U.N.-backed Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). SBTi is a collective of international organizations dedicated to helping companies set emission reduction targets consistent with climate science and the Paris Climate Agreement. Milliken is one of the first 50 companies globally to achieve approved science-based net-zero targets. The global manufacturer joins a group of more than 1,300 companies who have made net-zero commitments using the 2021 SBTi Corporate Net-Zero Standard.

Not all net-zero is the same, which is why Milliken commits to reaching real net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across the value chain by 2050 from a 2018 base year. By working with SBTi, our net-zero commitment, along with our approved near-term and long-term targets, has been fully vetted by the best available science on a global scale.
Kasel Knight, General Counsel and Head of Sustainability at Milliken

Milliken divides its sustainability goals into people, planet, and product. The company’s net-zero targets align with their 2025 plant goal to reduce indexed greenhouse gas emissions by 25%. Their efforts to reduce scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions will create impact up and down the supply chain. Milliken’s high quality, ethical and sustainability standards for suppliers will be crucial to helping them meet their targets.

Among the company’s sustainability efforts:

  • Recycled content: More than 60% of the raw materials purchased for Milliken’s automotive nonwovens business in 2021 were recycled materials. Their newest patent-pending rigid underbody shield product contains 60% recycled content. In 2021, their Gillespie plant internally recycled an estimated 60 tons of scrap into usable material.
  • Zero waste to landfill: Milliken & Company set a goal to eliminate all waste to landfill by 2025. The company’s Hillcrest plant sends polyester scrap to a third-party firm to mechanically recycle into usable fiber for new nonwovens. In 2021, over 25 tons of plant scrap were converted.

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Milliken’s net-zero targets align to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. They ensure that the company will neutralize the impact of any residual emissions to reach a state of no impact on the climate from greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about Milliken & Company and their sustainability efforts, visit their website.

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