Bemliese™ Sustainability Solutions

Asahi Kasei has been manufacturing Bemliese™ in Japan for over 40 years with originally developed technologies. Bemliese™ is a premium continuous-filament cellulose nonwoven. Throughout its product life cycle, Bemliese™ represents a globally responsible answer to the needs of product manufacturers, consumers, and the planet.

We have long adopted sourcing and manufacturing practices that today we all recognize as sustainability activities. At Asahi Kasei, we believe in our responsibility to share the full potential of Bemliese™ to serve global needs for fabrics that meet sustainability goals.
Makoto Morishima, General Manager, Bemliese Sales & Marketing Dept., Asahi Kasei

Taking a closer look at the raw material, Bemliese™ is made from cotton linter that is a by-product of cottonseed oil production. Asahi Kasei offers technical and equipment support to these oil producers, further extending the benefits of being a part of the Bemliese™ sourcing chain. Cotton linter, which would otherwise be discarded, is transformed into a versatile continuous-filament cellulose nonwoven fabric. A key distinction for Bemliese™ is that its spunbond manufacturing process makes it possible to form sheets composed of continuous-filaments. Furthermore, painstaking research and tests back up the superior functional performance of Bemliese™ for such attributes as liquid absorption and retention, purity and low lint, and biodegradability.

The combination of the naturally-sourced 100% repurposed cotton linter, incorporation of sustainable energy practices, and meeting international standards for biodegradability, in a number of environments, is clear evidence of Asahi Kasei’s commitment to sustainability practices. There are a vast range of current and potential product applications for Bemliese™, a premium cellulose nonwoven with sustainability benefits for consumers around the world.

Asahi Kasei is well aware of its responsibility to meet global standards for sustainability and has been recognized with several international certifications for adhering to environmental impact standards in its manufacturing processes. Among them is the OK biodegradable MARINE certification issued by TÜV AUSTRIA. This means that, in marine conditions, Bemliese™ meets specific biodegradability and disintegration requirements as well as not having high levels of ecotoxicity to marine life. The rising concern over the health of the world’s oceans makes this recognition particularly noteworthy.

Asahi Kasei continues to maintain global requirements for sustainability while seeking to extend the functional and environmental benefits of Bemliese™ in ever-expanding product applications, designed for consumers throughout the world.

Bemliese™ Image
For the production process of Bemliese™, Asahi Kasei has developed unique and original technologies
that help create this continuous-filament cellulose nonwoven.

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