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Sustainability can sound like a daunting, time-consuming and expensive option when it comes to production, but it does not have to be. Ultrasonic bonding can help achieve sustainability goals through multiple factors.

Sustainability is an important part of all our solutions at Herrmann. Ultrasonic technology requires very little energy compared to thermal or gluing processes and works in such a precise way that rejects are reduced as much as possible. Easy on resources and efficient. Even today, we are already working on processing the recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable materials of tomorrow, because ultrasonic welding is the technology of the future.
Uwe Peregi, President, Herrmann Ultrasonics

Fast, convenient, and economical are just some of the key factors improved when switching to ultrasonic technology. When thinking about sustainability, think about efficiency in your production.

With the use of Herrmann’s ultrasonic technology, there is an elimination of additional chemicals, reduction in energy consumption, reduction of waste, and overall resources. Through using ultrasonics, adhesives are reduced which means machine up time is improved through a reduction of cleaning time and elimination of heat up and cool down of the machine. All of these factors can help to reduce the carbon footprint of a company while maintaining the high quality of products.

Embodying our motto “Bonding – More than Materials,” Herrmann works closely with our partners around the world to ensure the highest quality product is produced while continuously improving our relationships. Our engineers can help you through the production process from material selection to process integration all the way to the final product by utilizing more than 60 years of ultrasonic experience and expertise.

How can we support you in your sustainability journey? Find out more:

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As a global organization, we regularly continue to invest in our applications labs to ensure that we have the latest technology available for customer feasibility trials, proof of concepts and demonstrations. Significant investments continue to be made in technology and information exchanges with our Global Headquarters location in Germany.

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