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Suzano is a global leader in the development of sustainable and renewable products. The company follows the highest social and environmental standards and practices throughout its entire value chain—from eucalyptus seedlings to final products—actively contributing to the creation of a low-carbon economy. In addition to conserving one million hectares of native vegetation and capturing more carbon than it emits, Suzano has committed to removing 40 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere by 2025.

By combining innovation and sustainability, we developed the world’s first eucalyptus fluff. In addition to providing end consumers with thinner, more discreet and softer sanitary napkins, with better liquid retention than those made using long fiber, Eucafluff® helps brands meet the growing market demand for more sustainable products.
Ari Tapani Borg, Global Fluff Sales and Strategic Projects Director, Suzano

Thanks to Suzano’s optimized forestry and industrial processes—resulting in a mostly renewable energy matrix that includes, for example, black liquor—the production of Eucafluff® emits less GHG, reducing its carbon footprint when compared to pine fluff produced in the southeastern United States*.

Our eucalyptus fluff also has a significantly lower impact on land use than American pine fluff, since eucalyptus has higher productivity and a harvest cycle three times shorter than pine. In addition to producing more wood per hectare, we need less wood to produce the same amount of fluff.*

Lastly, Eucafluff® was approved for use in sanitary napkins and sanitary products that have, respectively, the EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel, two of the most recognized sustainability labels in Europe.

Eucafluff® is further proof of Suzano’s pioneering spirit to align innovation and sustainability, reinforcing its purpose of “Renewing life inspired by trees” and positioning the company as an active agent of transformation toward the bioeconomy.

*Eucafluff® Life Cycle Assessment, comparing eucalyptus fluff produced in southeastern Brazil by Suzano with pine fluff produced in southeastern USA.

Suzano believes that innovation must be at the service of sustainability, and it is within this context that Eucafluff® was created: the world’s first eucalyptus fluff. A renewable-source raw material with a smaller carbon footprint, while simultaneously providing end consumers with a more efficient product that offers greater well-being.

Learn more on the Eucafluff® website and the Suzano website.

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