P.C. Wu

Lifetime Technical Achievement Award


Clopay Plastic Products Company

P.C. Wu with INDA president Rory Holmes

P.C. graduated from Tunghaii University in Taiwan, and completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1968 followed by a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at SUNY-Buffalo.  He performed post-doctorate work at the Stevens Institute of Technology in polymer rheology and processing.  During his tenure in academia he worked on ethylene-polyethylene phase diagrams that were instrumental in the development of two-phase resins which are in common use today.

He started his professional career at American Can Company in Neenah, Wisconsin where he worked on both rigid and flexible packaging films.  He was instrumental in introducing melt rheology principles to that organization.  His worke there also include both extrusion and blow molding.

In 1977, he joined Clopay Plastic Products Company, and he has been with this company ever since being a key contributor to the hygiene, non-woven and films industry for 29 years, and recently retired in February of this year from Clopay.  During this period he moved from the ranks of Research Associate to the position of Senior Director of Product Devlopment-Hygiene and Global Coordinator for P&G projects.  Through his tenure, has has been the leading product developer for the organization and has been influential in developing and commercializing the technology base for Clopay.  He is one of the pioneers in commercializing microporous breathable film technology and elastomeric film laminates in the industry and has 31 patents in the field of polymeric films and non-woven laminates to date with an additional 4 filed patent applications and 2 more provisional patents in queue.

Listed below are some of the various products that have been developed and commercialized for the hygiene (personal care products) industry.

  • 1978    Film Baby Diaper Backsheet
  • 1984    Re-fastenable backsheet for Baby Diapers
  • 1988    Non-breathable film/nonwoven leg cuffs for Baby Diapers
  • 1988    Backsheet for Feminine Care catamenial devices
  • 1995    Nonwoven Strip clothlike bacsheet NA/Europe
  • 1995    Side Panel Film for Baby Diapers NA/Europe
  • 2001    Breathable backsheet NA/Europe
  • 2001    Tape laminates for Baby Diaper Fastening Systems
  • 2001    Hot Needle Apertured film with controlled air-permeability (heat wraps)
  • 2001    Tampon overwrap film
  • 2004    Printed breathable backsheet for Baby Diapers
  • 2004    Elastomeric tri-laminates for Baby Diaper ears

Most of his inventions involve use of films, and film/nonwoven laminates with the majority of these products being dedicated to the personal care absorbents product industry.  Below is a list of the patents issued to Dr. Wu and assigned to Clopay Plastics:

1 U.S.Patent #6,951,591 10/4/05 High speed method of making plastic film and
nonwoven laminates
2 U.S. Patent #6,740,184 5/25/04 High speed method of making plastic film and
nowoven laminates
3 U.S. Patent #6,656,581 12/02/03 Incrementally Stretched Non-Embossed Films Having
High Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (MVTR)
4 U.S. Patent #6,013,151 01/11/00 High Speed Method of Making Microporous Film
5 U.S. Patent#5,865,926 02/02/99 Method of Making a Cloth-like Microporous Laminate
of a Nonwoven Fibrous Web and Thermal Plastic Film Having Air and Moisture Vapor
Permeabilities with Liquid Barrier Properties
6 U.S. Patent#5,861,074 01/19/99 Method of Making an Elastic Laminated Sheet of
an Incrementally Stretched Nonwoven Fibrous Web and Elastomeric Film
7 U.S. Patent#5,851,937 12/22/98 Cloth-like Totally Biodegradable and/or Compostable
Composites and Method of Manufacture
8 U.S. Patent#5,592,690 01/14/97 Elastic Laminated Sheet for Article of Clothing
9 U.S. Patent#5,634,216 01/03/97 Elastic Laminated Sheet for Socks
10 U.S. Patent#5,422,172 06/06/95 Elastic Laminated Sheet of an Incrementally Stretched
Nonwoven Fibrous Web and Elastomeric Film and Method
11 U.S. Patent#5,407,979 04/18/95 Biodegradable Film and Method of Making Same
12 U.S. Patent#5,382,461 01/17/95 Extrusion Laminate of Incrementally Stretched
Nonwoven Fibrous Web and Thermoplastic Film and Method
13 U.S. Patent#5,336,457 08/09/94 Method of making a Compostable Polymeric Composite
14 U.S. Patent#5,296,184 03/22/94 Method of Making an ultra Soft Cloth-like Embossed
Plastic Film Having Post-Embossed Stretched Areas
15 U.S. Patent#5,308,693 05/03/94 Unstretched Synthetic Papers and Methods of Producing
16 U.S. Patent#5,254,111 10/19/93 Barrier Cuff for Disposable Absorbent Articles
17 U.S. Patent#5,202,173 04/13/93 Ulta Soft Cloth-like Embossed Film Having Post-Embossed
Stretched Areas
18 U.S. Patent#5,200,247 04/06/93 Biodegradable Film containing and Alkanoyl Polymer/PVA
Blend and Method of Making Same
19 U.S. Patent#5,196,247 03/23/93 Compostable Polymeric Composite Sheet and Method
of making or Composting Same
20 U.S. Patent#5,172,936 12/22/92 Iin-mold Label Having Removable Coupon Portion
21 U.S. Patent#5,147,346 09/15/92 Coextruded Mulit-Layer Theromoplastic Sheet Material
Having One Layer with High Modulus for Repositioning Tape-Tab Fasteners Theron,
Absorbant Articles and Methods
22 U.S. Patent#5,143,774 09/01/92 Nonwoven Fibrous Embossed Plastic Film
23 U.S. Patent#5,084,039 01/28/92 Disposable Diapers, Absorbent Articles and Thermoplastic
Sheet Material Having Improving Tape Adhesion
24 U.S. Patent#4,668,463 05/26/87 Method of Making Linear Low Density Polyethylene
25 U.S. Patent#4,626,574 12/02/86 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Film and Method
of Making
26 U.S. Patent#4,546,029 10/08/85 Random Embossed Matte Plastic Film
27 U.S. Patent#4,465,729 08/14/84 Cross-Tearable Plastic Films
28 U.S. Patent#4,380,564 04/19/83 Cross-Tearable Decorative Sheet Material
29 U.S. Patent#4,376,147 03/08/83 Plastic Film Having a Matte Finish
30 U.S. Patent#4,298,647 11/03/81 Cross-Tearable Decorative Sheet Material
31 U.S. Patent#4,284,671 08/18/81 Polyester Compositions for Gas an Moisture Barrier

P.C. has been involved with INDA for the last 26 years.  He has also been a presenter at various industry conferences and has published several papers on our technologies.  Listed below are some of the papers and articles that has had published or presented at conferences:

  1. “Evolution of Microporous Film Technology” Presented at Nonwoven Technology Conference, 3/9/04-3/11/04, Sorrento, Italy
  2. “Metallocene Ethylene based resins in Cast Film Extrusion and Application”, Presented at Metcon, 5/25/94, Houston, Tx
  3. “Monte Carlo Simulation of Structore of Low-Density Polethylene”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Pro. Res. Devlopk, Vol.11, No.3, 1972 (p352-356)
  4. “Simulation of the Mold-filing Process”, Polymer Engineering and Science, march, 1974, Vol. 14, No.3 (PP 223-230)
  5. “Volumetric Properties of Supercritical Ethane-n-Heptane Mixtures: Molar Volumes and Partial Molar volumes” AlChe J. Vol. 19, No.3, may 1973 (PP 553-540)
  6. “Volumetric Properties of Supercritical Ethane-n-Haptane Mixtures: The Isothermal Compressibility in the Critical Region”, AlChe J. Vol. 19,
    No.3, May 1973 (PP 540-546).