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Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Skills. Moving Ahead.

As our industry advances by leaps and bounds, it becomes more and more important to stay in-the-know. INDA is committed to bringing nonwovens professionals world-class educational opportunities.


The Professional Development Center: A Series of Nonwoven Short Courses

Professionals in nonwovens/engineered fabrics can take training courses to advance their careers through the Professional Development Center, a newly designed hub for training excellence with content from INDA and North Carolina State University’s The Nonwoven Institute (NWI).  These courses will give industry professionals targeted and flexible opportunities to learn and advance career development goals.

The Professional Development Center offers intense learning opportunities at every career level from a non-technical introductory nonwovens course to classes covering the most advanced technical areas of the industry, as well as sector-specific courses in the growing areas of wipes and filtration.  The course selection includes:

  • Three-levels of Professional Development within nonwovens– Held at INDA’s headquarters in Cary, and The Nonwovens Institute, North Carolina State University in Raleigh, these short courses start at the Elementary level with a 1.5-day course on the nonwoven basics and progress to the Intermediate level, which includes live process demonstrations and lab classes. The Advanced series consists of 3.5-day courses on nonwoven product development and innovation, micro and nanofiber nonwovens technology and applications, fabric property development and characterization, and spunbond and meltblown technology.

Elementary Nonwovens Training Course: With a focus toward professionals who are new to nonwovens, this 1.5-day course provides a platform for industry newcomers to recognize and appreciate the diversity of nonwovens. Participants learn the basics about nonwovens in simple, clear, concise language. The course reviews the basic nomenclature, production processes, fabric attributes, market uses and trends to understand nonwoven products and its marketplace. February 15-16, June 20-21 and September 26-27 at INDA’s Headquarters in Cary, NC.

Intermediate Nonwovens Training: For industry professionals familiar with nonwovens or those with a more technical background, this 3.5-day course connects technical elements with product performance and differentiation. The training is held at both INDA’s offices in Cary, NC and NWI’s state-of-the-art pilot lines and science/analytics labs at the NC State University campus in Raleigh, NC, March 14-17, July 18-21, and October 24-27. A Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, textiles or five years of relevant experience in nonwovens is recommended.

Advanced Series: For industry participants looking for deeper knowledge in specific nonwoven areas. This series of 3.5-day courses includes Introduction to Spunbond & Meltblown Technology (February 7-10), Micro and Nanofiber Nonwovens Technology & Applications Training Course (April 18-21), Fabric Property and Characterization (October 3-6), and Nonwoven Product Development and Innovation (December 5-8). Taught by NWI instructors at NWI, NC State University, and select industry and guest instructors. All Advanced Series courses are offered once a year.

Nonwoven FILTER MEDIA Training Course: Ideal for professionals wanting to learn more about the development, testing and application of nonwovens in filtration. The 2-day course is offered at both INDA’s headquarters in Cary, NC (May 23-24) and annually at the Filtration International Conference & Exposition, held this year on Oct. 10-11 in Chicago.

WIPES Academy:  This 2-day training course is ideal for anyone working in any area of the multi-billion dollar wipes industry – including raw materials and packaging suppliers, brand and private label wipe converters, retail buyers, and product developers. Participants will gain a strong foundation of fundamental wipes knowledge, covering the basics of wipes design, manufacturing and applications, market trends, and opportunities in new product areas. At least two years of basic nonwoven fabrics knowledge, or completion of the INDA Elementary Nonwovens Training Course is a recommended prerequisite. The instructor is wipes industry expert, Rob Johnson, PE, Smith, Johnson & Associates.