ANDRITZ Nonwoven presents innovative process solutions at INDEX 2014


Graz,   February 7, 2014. International technology Group ANDRITZ will be presenting   its latest nonwovens solutions at INDEX 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland (April   8-11, booth 2114). ANDRITZ Nonwoven provides with its worldwide leading   companies ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau, ANDRITZ Küsters, and ANDRITZ Perfojet   turnkey solutions for spunlace, needlepunch, wetlaid/wetlace, and finishing.

Andritz-photo-15What’s new since INDEX 2011?
ANDRITZ pools its expertise in market approach, technology, R&D,   manufacturing, and service for the benefit of its customers. With the   integration of Asselin-Thibeau, ANDRITZ can now supply in-house key   technologies all along the drylaid production line. The technologies of   ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau, ANDRITZ Küsters, and ANDRITZ Perfojet complement   each other ideally in process solutions for a great variety of applications.   In all processes, ANDRITZ technologists have been working on resources   efficiency with regard to electricity, gas, water, chemicals, air management,   carbon footprint, and operators. Thus, the in-depth experience of ANDRITZ   Nonwoven has led to such major innovative developments as the neXline   wetlace, a line concept that integrates ANDRITZ Küsters wetlaid technology   with ANDRITZ Perfojet hydroentanglement. Wetlace is an ideal process for the production   of flushable wipes, as has been proved also by certificated product quality   according to the latest EDANA/INDA guidelines.

The innovative carding technology from ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau is one of the   core components in drylaid technology. An important development is the Isoweb   TT card for significant enhancements in CD tensile values, MD/CD ratios, and   a commercial speed of 300 m/min. ANDRITZ offers a full range of solutions in   spunlace with two proven line concepts. For highest capacities, the neXline   spunlace eXcelle is the preferred solution; this unique design combines the   latest generation of TT card and Jetlace Essentiel hydro¬entanglement unit.   This top-speed spunlace line is the best choice for commodity products like   wet wipes, producing lightweight fabrics with less than 20 gsm at very high   capacities. For medium capacities, the neXline spunlace aXcess is the right   choice. This spunlace line is equipped with one Varioweb in-line card with   three doffers in combination with the Jetlace Avantage hydroentanglement   unit.

In needlepunch technology, ANDRITZ achieves excellent technical product   characteristics with a remarkable reduction in fiber consumption at the same   time by integrating the double carding Isoweb technology with proven ProDyn concept,   the Dynamic crosslapper, and A50 needlelooms into the neXline needlepunch.   Thanks to the quality of its equipment and products, ANDRITZ grows in its   needling business continuously, noting numerous orders for the supply of   needleloom for the production of random velour for automotive applications   recently. Thanks to its brush concept, the SDV-2 needleloom produces   excellent felts that have passed all resistance tests with 20 to 30% lower   needling density than their competitors.Andritz-photo-16

Another major development is the eXcelle card for through-air bonding, which   is ideal for multi-layer products. ANDRITZ is increasingly successful with   its sales of production lines for ADL hygiene products, in particular for top   sheet products that have a combined drainage effect to enhance the ADL web   properties.

In order to step ahead in nonwovens technology, ANDRITZ has set up a   technology platform with competence and service centers all around the globe.   In three European ANDRITZ sites, state-of-the-art technical centers have been   installed with a focus on core competences: spunlace in Montbonnot, France;   drylaid and needlepunch in Elbeuf, France; wetlaid/wetlace and calendering in   Krefeld, Germany. In order to customize the technologies to the demands of   the Asian markets, ANDRITZ has also installed a new technical center and   manufacturing site in Wuxi, China. Together with its sales and service   locations in Spartanburg, USA, and Chennai, India, ANDRITZ Nonwoven is a   one-stop supplier for its global customers.

Trip to state-of-the-art spunlace pilot line
 Andritz-photo-17At INDEX 2014, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the   state-of-the-art technical center for spunlace at ANDRITZ Perfojet   (Montbonnot, France) and to see the latest innovations. Our guests will have   access to an unrivalled spunlace pilot line and can attend various line   demonstrations. In addition, process experts will give a detailed   presentation of all the equipment forming the spunlace line. Thanks to the   combination of Isoweb TT card and Jetlace hydroentanglement system, this high-performance   pilot line produces spunlace web at a very impressive operational speed. On   April 9 and 10, a shuttle bus will be organized from the Palexpo exhibition   center to ANDRITZ Perfojet.

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