Advantages of Nonwovens in Filtration Media Webinar

October 26, 2012 all-day

October 26, 2012 at 10:00 am (EST)  (Webinar will last approximately 1 hour)

Advantages of Nonwovens in Filtration Media

Nonwovens technology is rapidly advancing to help filter media manufacturers offer improved efficiencies, better pressure drops and overall better performance. Manufacturers have more choices than ever before when deciding which filtration media will offer the best performance. Whether the goal is cleaner air to breath, water to drink or a more efficient fuel system, nonwovens are more frequently becoming the substrate of choice. Please join us on October 26 for a special webinar dedicated to the Advantages of nonwovens in filtration media technology. Co-sponsored by INDA, the Association of Nonwoven Fabrics, this webinar will spotlight some of the new technologies expected to be showcased at November’s Filtration 2012 Exhibition and Conference in Philadelphia.

Jay Baxter, Business Development Manager, Kimberly-Clark Professional Partnership Products
Andre Boni, Director of Market Management, Glass Filtration and ASHRAE Media of Hollingsworth & Vose

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