Fiber & Yarn Products and Next Fiber Technology Form Alliance Centered on Proprietary Copper and PTFE Technologies

Hickory, NC – May 29, 2014Fiber & Yarn Products – a market leader in intelligently-designed highly-modified nylon and polyester yarn products – announced today a strategic alliance with Next Fiber Technology allowing the companies to combine and strengthen their portfolios of intellectual property, patents pending, and manufacturing trade secrets.  This agreement allows for expanded technologies and innovations into other synthetic fibers, spun yarns, and staple products for the CuTEC™ and NanoGLIDE® brands. 

During the last year, Fiber & Yarn Products (F&YP) and Next Fiber Technology (NFT) – with the assistance of O’Mara Incorporated – collaborated on new terms whereby the CuTEC and NanoGLIDE operations would continue business as usual in manufacturing with no changes, while product offerings in spun yarns and staple for medical applications would be expanded.

CuTec is a unique and proprietary copper fiber technology that utilizes the qualities of copper and permanently binds copper to the fiber matrix of polyester, nylon, or recycled polyester fibers and works in combination with cotton and wool.  NanoGLIDE is a high-tech fiber uniquely engineered to wick sweat, dry fast, reduce friction and be durable.

In addition, through this agreement, NFT reassigned specific licensed rights of usage from O’Mara to F&YP in North and South America, Australia, and the EMEA markets for the CuTEC and NanoGLIDE brands and related technologies. The transaction allows O’Mara, a leading manufacturer of synthetic yarns, to focus on core markets and continue to serve its customers with other brands unique to O’Mara.

The new, unified global business in specialty fibers gives F&YP and NFT clients an outstanding spectrum of branded technologies in the apparel and medical textile chain. “This will enhance our mutual specialties’ technology portfolio,” said Rick Rudinger, CEO of NFT.  He continued, “We are excited to have F&YP as our long-term, strategic alliance, and we want to personally thank O’Mara for their assistance over the last year with a seamless transition for our global customers.”

NFT and F&YP will continue to invest in and strengthen its sport/outdoor/shape-wear/recreation portfolio while also focusing on new medical field investments.  David Poole, president & CEO of F&YP, stated, “The sales and critical business support processes are in place and operational, and the customer feedback received thus far has been extremely positive.”

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About Fiber & Yarn Products

More than 30 years ago, Fiber & Yarn Products (F&YP) opened its doors with a mission to supply quality conscious customers with quality conscious yarns. In pursuit of this mission, F&YP has embarked on a tradition of textile innovation.  F&YP is a market leader and manufactures and supplies intelligently-designed highly-modified nylon and polyester products with advanced performance capabilities to meet the needs of the modern consumer.

About NFT

Next Fiber Technology is dedicated to providing the most innovative and advanced technology to the textile, medical, and consumer markets.  CuTEC and NanoGLIDE are bio-engineered man-made fibers which through research and engineering knowledge have been applied to the fields of textiles, medicine and biology. For more information, visit www.NextFiberTechnology.Com


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