INDA and North Carolina State University’s Nonwovens Institute Team-Up for Nonwovens Course Series

Sept.18, 2014, Cary, NC – INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry and North Carolina State University’s Nonwovens Institute (NWI) announce a new jointly organized series of nonwovens short courses named “The Professional Development Series”. The new portfolio of six courses will harmonize and unify each organizations separate nonwoven training courses into a single series starting with the nonwoven’s basics, increasing to intermediate and capping with an advanced series of product development, nanofibers and microfibers, fabric property development and spunbond & meltblown technology. Starting in 2015, the series will give industry professionals targeted and flexible short course opportunities to impart knowledge of nonwovens and advance career development goals.

Since 1998, INDA has offered it’s highly successful one-and-a half day Elementary Nonwovens Training Course and its three-day Advanced Nonwovens Training Course to INDA members and industry participants. Simultaneously, NWI has offered a series of advanced training courses from three to five days in duration, with one course quite similar to the INDA Advanced course.

The Professional Development Series starts Jan. 21, 2015 and offers Continuing Education Units to Intermediate and Advanced Series participants. The full series includes:

  • Elementary: With a focus toward professionals who are new to nonwovens, this one-and-a-half day course conducted by INDA, at INDA’s headquarters in Cary, NC reviews the basic nomenclature, production processes, fabric attributes, market uses and trends of nonwovens. To be held Jan., June, and Sept., 2015.
  • Intermediate Nonwovens Training: Designed for industry professionals familiar with nonwovens or those with a more technical background, this new three-and-a-half-day course combines INDA’s Advanced Course with elements of NWI’s Introduction to Nonwoven Products & Processes and will now include sessions at both INDA’s offices in Cary, NC and NWI’s state-of-the-art pilot lines and science/analytics labs at the NC State University campus in nearby Raleigh, NC. NWI’s instructional staff and industry guest speakers will contribute to the educational content scheduled for March, Aug., and Nov., 2015.
  • Advanced Series: Created for industry participants looking for deeper knowledge in specific nonwoven areas, the Advanced Series will be located at the NWI at NC State University and be taught by NWI instructors. The Advanced Series will consist of three-and-a-half day courses in Fabric Property Development and Characterization, Introduction to Spunbond & Meltblown Technology, and Nonwoven Nanofiber & Microfiber Fundamentals and Applications. There will also be a five-day Capstone Course on Nonwoven Product Development led by NWI instructors. All Advanced Series courses are offered once a year. The Advanced Series Introduction to Spunbond & Meltblown Technology starts Feb. 2-6., 2015.

Dave Rousse, President of INDA said, “We are delighted to partner with the Nonwovens Institute at NC State University to combine our training course offerings into a single Professional Development Series that is easily understandable for members of INDA, members of NWI, and industry participants from the nonwovens and related industries. Combining INDA’s course content with NWI’s pilot lines and labs enriches the experience for attendees. This collaboration removes doubt and confusion about which courses fit best, and should enable more efficient and assured use of these well designed courses to meet the professional development needs of our industry.”

Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Nonwovens Institute and Associate Dean of the NC State University College of Textiles, said, “Our primary mission is as a teaching institution training future leaders. We have assembled the best facilities, faculty and staff to do just that. INDA has a great reach into the industry that can generate awareness of the resources available to educate and advance nonwovens. Therefore, combining the strengths of each and eliminating duplication will result in a superior experience for all. This harmonized series of courses will appeal to a broad group and well serve a significant need in this industry. We are very excited to be able to do this together.”

For the full 2015 series of courses and dates, visit

About INDA
INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, serves hundreds of member companies in the nonwovens/engineered fabrics industry in global commerce. Since 1968, INDA events have helped members connect, learn, innovate and develop their businesses. INDA educational courses, market data, test methods, consultancy and issue advocacy help members succeed by providing them the information they need to better plan and execute their business strategies. For more information, visit

About NWI
The Nonwovens Institute is the world’s first accredited academic program for the interdisciplinary field of engineered fabrics. Based at the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, the NWI is an innovative global partnership between industry, government and academe. Operating on an “Open Innovation” platform, the Nonwovens Institute engages experts from industry and higher education in building next-generation nonwoven applications while also providing training and guidance to the field’s future leaders. For more information, visit

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