INDA Elevates Sustainability as Top Priority for 2024

Cary, NC, February 12, 2024 – INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, proudly announces Sustainability as a primary focus for 2024. This strategic initiative, backed by resounding support from INDA’s leadership, is a direct response to feedback from association members affirming that sustainability remains one of the nonwovens industry’s highest priorities.

INDA’s sustainability endeavor will center around three core pillars crucial to the industry’s future: Responsible Sourcing, End-of-Life Solutions, and Innovations in Sustainability. This multifaceted initiative will introduce a spectrum of new and enhanced offerings, including:

  1. Cutting-edge webinars addressing sustainability issues impacting members and the industry.
  2. Specialized technical and government affairs committees enabling members to collaborate on sustainability opportunities and challenges.
  3. The inaugural release of a comprehensive sustainability report from INDA’s Market Intelligence department.
  4. A dedicated sustainability special edition of the International Fiber Journal, produced by INDA Media.
  5. Significantly enriched sustainability programming at INDA events, including a dedicated focus at the IDEA® 2025 conference.

“INDA member companies are at the forefront of innovation, actively investing in research and development to pioneer eco-friendly materials, explore alternative production processes, and integrate recycled and biodegradable materials, all while advancing circularity,” stated INDA President Tony Fragnito. “This heightened emphasis on sustainability resonates with the nonwovens industry’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact, and underscores INDA’s commitment to driving positive change within the industry to meet evolving member and customer desire for minimizing environmental impact,” he continued.

As INDA embraces sustainability as a theme for 2024, its commitment extends far beyond this year’s horizon. Ongoing efforts will continue to evolve and expand, with a strategic emphasis on amplifying influence and fostering relationships with stakeholders beyond the industry’s confines. INDA anticipates close collaboration with its members and welcomes their feedback on how the association can serve the needs of the industry on this important topic.

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