2020 AATCC Technical Manual Includes New E-Textile Standards

2020 AATCC Technical Manual Includes New E-Textile Standards

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., USA, February 20, 2020—The 2020 volume of the AATCC Technical Manual is now available, with three brand new standards. The new Test Methods (TM) and Evaluation Procedures (EP) in the 2020 AATCC Technical Manual are:

  • AATCC TM209-2019, Test Method for pH and Total Alkali in Wet Processed Textiles: Combined
  • AATCC TM210-2019, Test Method for Electrical Resistance Before and After Various Exposure Conditions
  • AATCC EP13-2018e   Evaluation Procedure for Electrical Resistance of Electronically-Integrated Textiles.

The AATCC TM210 and AATCC EP13 represent some of the very first global standards published for e-textiles. AATCC EP13 is referenced by other international standards, including IPC-8921, a specification for woven and knitted e-textiles.

There are 29 revised test methods and procedures appearing for the first time in the 2020 AATCC Technical Manual. Additional standards were reaffirmed, editorially revised, withdrawn. In addition to changes for clarity or formatting, several standards underwent significant revision.

AATCC Gray Scale evaluation procedures AATCC EP1-2018 and AATCC EP2-2018 include new figures and a new format for assigning specimen grades. AATCC TM130-2018t, AATCC TM179-2019 and AATCC TM207-2019 laundering conditions were updated to align with standard conditions in other AATCC standards.

A complete list of changes is available to AATCC members at The list also appears at the front of the 2020 AATCC Technical Manual.

Those with an online subscription to the AATCC Technical Manual have automatic access to new and revised standards as they are approved for publication.

AATCC is known worldwide for its test methods and evaluation procedures, particularly those related to chemistry, colorfastness, laundering, moisture management, and water resistance. Each document is reviewed and approved by a committee of industry experts before publication. All are welcome to participate in the committees. Varied perspectives are valued, and every submitted comment is considered in the development or revision of a method. AATCC believes this consensus approach creates the best, most robust test methods to serve a diverse modern textile industry.

As always, the 2020 volume of the AATCC Technical Manual contains all 150+ current AATCC test methods, evaluation procedures, and monographs.

The hard-bound black and gold book is a staple reference in many textile laboratories. The PDF version offers the added convenience of a search function and hyperlinks among cross-referenced methods. The newest version of either is critical for meeting current testing requirements and specifications.

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About AATCC: Founded as the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), the Association continues to evolve to meet the needs of those in the ever-changing textile, apparel, and materials industries. AATCC has served textile professionals since 1921. Today, the Association provides test method development, quality control materials, education, and professional networking for a global audience.

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