A.Celli International is deep in the US market

A.Celli International is deep in the US market

The Lucca Group is announcing the transfer of the US A.Celli International facilities from Florida to North Carolina. The offices are operational from the first week of April.

This decision is in part tied to the need to be closer location-wise to what are considered the neuralgic areas of the nonwovens market and hence to its American customers in order to be able to reach them promptly and thus offer an even more immediate service. This move also gives the team the opportunity to explore the US market more deeply and attentively and seize trends, demands and needs directly based on the daily experience of customers and partners.

Through this initiative, the A.Celli International’s customer assistance structure strives to be not only a reference point for post-sales activities, but also a true vanguard as far as research and innovation is concerned, capable of predicting future needs and identifying solutions useful to improve the work of production facilities.

The address of the new offices in North Carolina is:

A Celli International Inc.
1930 Derita Road, Concord, NC 28027 – U.S.A.
Phone +1 704 817 3922 – Fax +1 704 820 6020

Our best wishes to A.Celli International Inc.!

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