Ahlstrom introduces innovative label release papers with recycled and unbleached fiber content

Ahlstrom introduces innovative label release papers with recycled and unbleached fiber content

Tampere, Finland, August 31, 2023 – Ahlstrom is further extending its range of release papers by introducing new products supporting sustainability and circularity in manufacturing Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) laminates and labels.

Ahlstrom strives to develop sustainable products, support the transition to more renewable, bio-based materials, and enable more efficient use of resources.

Release Liners are carriers of many PSA labeling materials, allowing highly efficient printing, cutting, and application of PSA labels. While performing a sustainable function, as they contribute to reducing product waste, increasing product safety, and moving goods reliably and efficiently through traditional or online distribution, they can also be manufactured with increasingly sustainable components.

In line with these targets, Ahlstrom is extending its Acti-V® range of high-performance label release liners with new products offering novel options to sustainability-driven laminators, label printers, and end-users, thanks to the use of post-consumer recycled fibers and unbleached cellulose fibers:

  • Acti-V® RF Yellow is a supercalendered release paper including at least 15% post-consumer recycled fiber, featuring the typical light-yellow color of paper liners that carry most PSA paper labels in Europe.
  • Acti-V® RF Natural is a supercalendered release paper featuring a light creamy color, naturally resulting from the blend of at least 15% post-consumer recycled fiber and unbleached and bleached cellulose fibers.

Both products support circularity by replacing a portion of virgin fibers with post-consumer recycled fibers. Additionally, the new Acti-V® RF Natural does not use any dye and is based on components that – according to Ahlstrom’s initial estimates* – can allow reduction of at least 15 % in the carbon footprint compared to the standard Acti-V® Yellow liner. The new release papers maintain the outstanding performance of Ahlstrom’s proprietary Acti-V® technology, which allows a highly efficient silicone coating and converting process, showing potential reductions in the consumption of energy, catalysts, and silicone.

To help increase circularity in the labeling industry, Ahlstrom was one of the founding members of CELAB (Toward a Circular Economy for Labels), the industry coalition dedicated to building a sustainable self-adhesive labeling industry and creating greater circularity by enhancing and promoting matrix and release liner recycling worldwide.

With manufacturing in Europe and the Americas, the proven track record of its Acti-V® and trulyNatural® technologies as well as its expertise in the use of post-consumer recycled fibers, Ahlstrom continues its pioneering innovation journey in release liners and is well positioned to bring to the market increasingly sustainable products, working side by side with the labeling industry and other sustainability-driven sectors worldwide.

*) Product carbon footprint estimate, % of reduction in fossil carbon in a cradle-to-gate study using secondary data from Ecoinvent v3.8 and GaBi professional database 2022. Primary data used for recycled fibers. The study will undergo third-party verification in the coming months.


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