ANDRITZ neXline wetlace CP for pulp-based wipes

GRAZ, FEBRUARY 10, 2022. International technology group ANDRITZ will be presenting its innovative nonwovens production and textile solutions at IDEA 2022 in Miami, USA, from March 29 to 31 (booth 4104). The broad ANDRITZ product portfolio covers state-of-the-art nonwovens and textile production technologies such as air-through bonding, airlay, needlepunch, spunlace, spunbond, wetlaid/WetlaceTM, converting, textile finishing, recycling, and natural fiber processing.

What are the highlights for IDEA 2022?

News in Wipes technology developments

ANDRITZ offers various nonwoven processes to produce best and cost-effective wipes, like spunlace, Wetlace and Wetlace CP. ANDRITZ also accompanies nonwoven producers in the move to sustainability with the aim of reducing or eliminating plastic components while maintaining the high quality of the desired product properties. This applies to all types of sustainable wipes, such as flushable, biodegradable, bio-sourced, carded-pulp or standard carded wipes. Indeed, hydroentanglement has the advantage of being able to bond any kind of fibers without the use of chemical binders or thermal fusion. It is, therefore, the most suitable bonding process for natural fibers, such as pulp, cotton, hemp, linen, flax, bamboo, and more. The latest development in this field is the ANDRITZ neXline wetlace CP line, which integrates the card-pulp (CP) process. This is a fully engineered production line combining the benefits of drylaid and wetlaid technologies to produce a new generation of biodegradable wipes.

ANDRITZ airlay technology

In order to make a meaningful contribution, ANDRITZ has become a member of the Board of the Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) in the USA. The RFA is an independent, non-profit trade association committed to educating consumers in responsible and smart flushing habits to help reduce damage to the nation’s sewage systems. ANDRITZ is deeply involved in this topic with its technologies for 100% dispersible and biodegradable wet wipes and is highly committed to being part of the RFA.

To serve customers even better and offer the best possible R&D and service, ANDRITZ welcomes producers to its spunlace technical center at ANDRITZ Perfojet in Montbonnot, France. It is equipped with the very latest technologies as well as a dedicated team of process engineers. The technical center has been upgraded just recently with an inline pulp formation system and is now the most advanced nonwovens test center for wipes worldwide. The line configuration is now similar to an ANDRITZ Wetlace CP line.

LATEST technologies for Hygiene applications

ANDRITZ will highlight the technology development in the spunlaid sector with the patented nonwovens process called Spunjet Soft. This is the in-line hydroentanglement of continuous filaments, creating a new generation of premium spunlaid nonwovens with unrivalled bulkiness and softness compared to standard spunbond fabrics. Samples of absorbent hygiene products integrating spunjet soft materials will be available at the ANDRITZ booth.

Moreover, ANDRITZ will introduce its adult pants converting line, which offers top-class components and an innovative technology process. The growing market for adult incontinence products has resulted in a state-of-the-art process with highest quality standards, such as the development of ultrasonic side seam solutions with excellent results in terms of bond strength and system reliability. As a result, operations and size changes are faster and easier. The modern forming system for higher SAP (superabsorbent polymers) concentration and the turning and placing system guarantee maximum process stability and put the adult pants produced by ANDRITZ customers at the top of the adult hygiene market.

ANDRITZ Diatec adult pant line


Another strong focus lies on technologies for durable nonwovens, especially for the automotive industry. The use of nonwovens in the automotive area has increased substantially in recent years. Indeed, a very large number of automotive parts are made with nonwovens fabrics, from trunk liners, carpets and insulation to air and fuel filters. In addition, the automotive industry is moving its focus to green technologies, which has a direct impact on the characteristics of nonwoven parts in vehicles. Thanks to the ANDRITZ airlay and needlepunch processes, producers are able to provide the most suitable fabrics for this industry’s requirements.

The ANDRITZ airlay technology can process all types of fibers and solid particles. It is offered as a complete line with needlelooms, thermobonding or other bonding methods for numerous applications in the automotive and also the furniture, bedding, insulation, and filtration industries.

In addition, ANDRITZ is presenting the brand new ProWinTM technology for profile weight correction in the needlepunch segment, which is used to optimize processes, provide a faster return on investment, and save raw materials. This unit combines the well-known systems ProWid and ProDyn, enabling even better performance, and the same machine can run faster with less mechanical stress.

Customers are welcome to conduct trials and compare the different options available in the technical center for needlepunch processes at ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau, Elbeuf, France, and/or in the airlay pilot line at ANDRITZ Laroche, Cours, France.

Another very relevant topic these days is textile recycling, which has become a key focus of worldwide sustainability efforts. Customer and consumer awareness as well as new regulations are pushing clothing brands to recycle their pre-consumer and post-consumer waste in their own products. ANDRITZ is very much involved here with its technologies for textile recycling and processing of recycled fibers.

Spot-on and digital service to keep machines running

ANDRITZ offers a full-service portfolio and thus can ensure improved uptime, productivity, and product quality – for years to come. This includes on-site support, specific training, line audits and troubleshooting, upgrades and modernizations, spare parts, and roll repair centers. In the USA, ANDRITZ is well supported in sales and service by its local branches – ANDRITZ Küsters in Spartanburg, SC, and ANDRITZ SHW in Torrington, CT.

Moreover, customers can bring their production to a new level with ANDRITZ digital technologies combined under the Metris technology brand. One focus is the Metris UX digitalization platform, which provides full support for industrial plants throughout their entire life cycle. It combines a complete set of functionalities for professional production management, simulation and optimization using the latest artificial intelligence methods, plus cyber security, and condition monitoring with smart sensors in an integrated approach. ANDRITZ will offer a live demonstration at its booth (4104) at IDEA.


A special highlight for IDEA is the virtual booth called the “ANDRITZ Teleport”. For customers who cannot travel to Miami due to the travel restrictions, ANDRITZ offers the opportunity to enter this booth and discover state-of-the-art technologies, obtain the latest marketing material and press information, and meet the ANDRITZ team.

The entire ANDRITZ Nonwoven team is looking forward to welcoming customers to its booth (4104) in person and online in the “ANDRITZ Teleport” virtual booth.

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International technology group ANDRITZ offers a broad portfolio of innovative plants, equipment, systems and services for the pulp and paper industry, the hydropower sector, the metals processing and forming industry, pumps, solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial sectors, as well as animal feed and biomass pelleting. Plants for power generation, flue gas cleaning, recycling, and the production of nonwovens and panelboard complete the global product and service offering. Innovative products and services in the industrial digitalization sector are offered under the brand name Metris and help customers to make their plants more user-friendly, efficient and profitable. The publicly listed group has around 26,800 employees and more than 280 locations in over 40 countries.

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