Dow, Motorola and Intellitrack Team Up with the Diaper Alliance to Help Families in Need

Most people know that having children can be expensive. From diapers to clothes to food, it all adds up. And that’s only in the first years of children’s lives. Then you’re looking at schooling, more clothes, computers, smart devices, etc. What if you had no resources and had to make hard choices? Like do you buy food or diapers? That’s a hard decision some parents around the U.S. face every day and needless to say, food wins. Dow, Motorola and Intellitrack are making contributions in the effort to help this silent crisis – by donating their expertise and technology to the Diaper Alliance (agency that helps distribute diapers to those in need) to help make shipping and receiving a simpler process. That will be welcome news to families in financial crisis. Click here to see how they are doing it – kudos to these organizations.

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