Improve Worker Safety with Appleton Mfg. Division’s CartMover™

Improve Worker Safety with Appleton Mfg. Division’s CartMover™

March 7, 2016 – (Neenah, WI):With Appleton Mfg. Division’s compact, battery-powered CartMover™, in addition to increasing productivity you can ensure worker safety whenever heavy loads on wheels need to be moved. This material handler is ideal for moving just about anything on casters or wheels, weighing 100 lbs to 20,000 lbs. Whether it’s mobile carts with heavy castings or metal parts, supply carts, or multi-cart trains, the CartMover™ keeps production rolling along without the need for special tow trucks or moving machinery. No more safety concerns with fast moving fork trucks as the CartMover™ replaces them.

Appleton Mfg Division’s battery-powered tool is easy to use, portable, and convenient, with no electric cords or pneumatic hoses to trip over. This versatile material handler prevents on-site injuries caused by pushing heavy loads, thus reducing risk and liability. With its pre-engineered or custom hitches, the CartMover™ can connect securely to various carts, bins, vehicles or other wheeled loads. The rugged CartMover™ gets the job done safely every time.

Appleton Mfg Division’s CartMover™ features:

  • Ultra compact and portable frame
  • Variable-speed throttle control
  • “Belly button” emergency stop switch
  • 24V rechargeable NiCad battery
  • Programmable speed controller
  • Speeds of .1 to 4.5 mph
  • Rugged steel frame construction

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Appleton Mfg. Division is a fully integrated engineering, design, sales, service and manufacturing firm producing custom and semi-custom material handling solutions. Dedicated to providing innovation and superior customer service, Appleton Mfg. Division offers a full line of core cutters, core handling & finishing equipment, compact battery powered roll & cart movers, rolled goods slabbing and core recycling equipment, cleaning showers/systems, as well as parts & service for all lines.

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