JX Nippon ANCI Begin Production of JX-CFF™ Filtration Media

JX Nippon ANCI Begin Production of JX-CFF™ Filtration Media

April 2, 2018 – Georgia, USA – JX Nippon ANCI, Inc. headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia, with manufacturing in Roanoke, Alabama and composite manufacturing in Dalton, Georgia, has begun production of “JX-CFF, (continuous fiber filtration), a polyester nonwoven which is much more uniform than conventional roll goods of spunbond and can be customized for pore size requirements.

“JX-CFF” is a 100 % continuous fiber polyester product which is made by using a propriety technology of thermally bonding specific combinations of various polyesters to accurately control pore size and tensile properties to specific customer specifications.  Materials for “JX-CFF” may include the following nominal fiber sizes.

Conventional Spunbond Polyester                    5 dpf (23 microns)

Milife® Microfiber Polyester                             1 dpf (10 microns)

Milife® Ultra-Microfiber                                   0.07 dpf (2.7 microns)

Using various combinations of the above fibers along with proprietary bonding conditions, while varying unit weights, allows JX Nippon to customize web properties over a wide range to meet customer requirements.  For example, the pore size of “JX-CFF” products can range from 10 to 100 microns.  Additionally, web properties can further be influenced by the sequence of layering the various fiber sizes in “JX-CFF”.

Alternate versions of JX-CFF, may include the following pending customer requirements

  • JX Nippon’s CLAF® (PP or PE enhanced netting) which can aid in dirt/dust release
  • Multiple films for unique properties
  • Other nonwovens such as Spunlace, Meltblown, Bicomponent, and Nano products

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