Lenzing presents TENCEL® specialty fibers at ANEX 2012

Lenzing presents TENCEL® specialty fibers at ANEX 2012

Lenzing presents TENCEL® specialty fibers at ANEX 2012
From 13th to 15th June 2012 the world’s nonwovens industry will gather in Kintex, Korea for ANEX.

Sustainability continues to be a global key topic influencing purchasing decisions throughout the supply chain. The careful selection of raw materials like fibers is the first step towards green products. By choosing Lenzing fibers, consumers make sure to use products which combine performance, comfort and environmental responsibility from the very beginning.

Lenzing has been active in Asia for many years. Our business partners in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China continuously strive to develop innovative new products in order to quickly react to changing market needs. “We experience a fast growing demand for skincare and hygiene products in Asia and Lenzing fibers are tailored to provide optimized performance in these applications”, explains Oliver Sum, Marketing Manager Asia.

Changing environmental conditions, seasonal climate changes and stress may irritate our skin on a daily basis. TENCEL® is ideally suited for sensitive applications such as wipes, face masks and hygiene products. The smooth and gentle surface of TENCEL® not only creates a silky feeling but also provides an optimized liquid management for its end uses. Lenzing fibers are pure and due to their botanic origin wood, they fully biodegrade after use.

Wolfgang Plasser, Vice President Business Unit Nonwovens, adds: “Nowadays, skincare is a topic of people of all ages. Both women and men value products which revitalize the skin after a long and busy day. Wipes made of our specialized fibers perfectly contribute to nurture sensitive skin. At the same time, consumers are more and more looking for sustainable products with a positive impact on future generations. We at Lenzing are using the renewable resource wood as a basis for our fibers. This makes us an ideal partner from the very beginning”.

Lenzing’s nonwoven fiber experts are looking forward to welcoming you at ANEX, booth no. E23.

Discover the Botanic Miracle of TENCEL(R) at booth no. E23.

Lenzing presents TENCEL® specialty fibers at ANEX 2012

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