Madaline Fabrics for masks and PPE

Madaline Fabrics for masks and PPE

Gaziantep, Turkey, April 16, 2020 – Over the last couple of months, as all members of the Nonwovens industry, Mogul is also committed to providing fabrics to PPE, medical, hygiene, and other supplies that are needed to combat the COVID-19 crisis. As a diversified supplier of nonwovens Mogul offers spunbond, meltblown, spunlace and microfilament fabrics.

As a response to shortage with meltblown and spunbond fabrics for medical masks & protective wears, we are offering our special fabrics made from our hybrid technology with Madaline brand name.

Madaline is a PET/PA6 microfilament fabric and it includes filaments which are 100 times thinner than human hair.

This microfilament structure brings many unique properties to fabric and relatively its end users.

Here are some of the unique properties:

  • Providing bacterial barrier – BFE 80-90% & PFE 90-98% @100gsm fabric tests (not masks) (Nelson Lab, USA)
  • Softness and comfort – Microfilament structure
  • Safe in contact with skin (even for infant)
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified
  • ECARF certified(Anti-allergy for mites)
  • Breathable and lint free
  • Good 3D shape memory – good for making cup shaped face mask
  • Alcohol and blood repellent (with special extra treatment for Medical protective workwear) and film lamination to improve barrier proerties where required
  • Economic – washable medical protective workwear

In order to demonstrate compatibility of our special grade for medical masks, we can provide technical data sheets and some reports completed by independent 3rd party laboratories upon request.

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