Miller Weldmaster Promotes Benefits of Its New AES1900 for Banner Manufacturers

Miller Weldmaster Promotes Benefits of Its New AES1900 for Banner Manufacturers

For enhancing the productivity of banner manufacturers, Miller Weldmaster offers an effective, automated solution in the Automated Edge Seamer 1900 (AES1900). This state-of-the-art machine model is capable of accommodating banners of almost any size and welds and grommets 3×5 ft banners in just 30 seconds.

Navarre, OH (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

Miller Weldmaster, the First Choice Globally for all welding solutions, announces an addition to its line of high-performance, production-enhancing automated machine models. The Automated Edge Seamer 1900, or just AES1900, is specifically designed for banner manufacturers, as it makes banner production more timely, efficient, and hassle-free. With its automated capabilities, this system is capable of welding and grommeting a 3×5 foot banner in just 30 seconds. Additional system features add further value to the mix for sign manufacturers as well.

The AES1900 comes with an input table for easy banner feeding. Adjustable features allow for easy accommodation of almost any product size or length. A complete operator interface enables easy operation, and it gives the AES1900 operation capability in six modes:

  • Weld only
  • Grommet only
  • Weld and grommet
  • Weld and hole punch
  • Roll to roll
  • Individual banners

The AES1900’s automated features also allow for automatic placement of grommets wherever needed. Once a banner has been finished, a simple product exit allows for quick collection of the finished output.

On top of great machine customized to each manufacturer’s unique demands, Miller Weldmaster adds value through its extensive customer service and support programs. The company is foremost concerned with enhancing the production capabilities of each customer and espouses a strong philosophy of taking care of the customer’s needs. This attentiveness to customer fulfillment is reflected in Miller Weldmaster’s extensive customer base. The company has been privileged to install machines and train customers on them in over 100 countries across the globe.

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Miller Weldmaster, the First Choice Globally of all industrial fabric welding solutions, has offered rotary hot air, hot wedge, and impulse welding equipment to the industrial fabric and thermoplastics industries for forty years. A recipient of the 2013 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exporting and a 2014 IFF Innovation Award, Miller Weldmaster has developed many of the first advancements in heat sealing technology for the fabrication and automation of various products from awnings to truck tarpaulins and even inflatable boats. The company’s record of industrial “firsts” demonstrates its ability to research, design, and build solutions using the most current and innovative features of the industry. With machines in over 100 nations around the world and distributors in 20 countries, Miller Weldmaster is a leading international manufacturer and provider of solutions for plastic welding machines, with a commitment to customer satisfaction. The company is headquartered in Navarre, Ohio, USA.


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