New AFM with High Definition Electrical Measurement Capabilities

New AFM with High Definition Electrical Measurement Capabilities

Nanoscience Instruments introduces the Nano-Observer, a new research atomic force microscope (AFM) designed with advanced nanoscale electrical characterization capabilities. The Nano-Observer opens up new applications in advanced materials development at an extremely attractive price point.

Nano-Observer AFM

April 8, 2015

Nanoscience Instruments is pleased to offer the new Nano-Observer atomic force microscope (AFM). The Nano-Observer, designed by Concept Scientific Instruments, is ideal for current and future AFM research applications. Advanced and unique electrical measurements highlight the AFM’s key strengths. High Definition single-pass Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KFM) provides high resolution surface potential mapping. Electrical measurements, like Conductive AFM, can be performed with the ResiScope covering 10 orders of magnitude.

“The Nano Observer applies new technologies for atomic force microscopy. In combination with the ResiScope, the Nano-Observer takes AFM well beyond imaging,” explains Sebastian Kossek, co-founder of Nanoscience Instruments. “This technology allows for quantitative electrical characterization of a wide range of materials including semiconductors, conductive polymers or thin films.”

The Nano-Observer delivers new technology well-suited to solve challenges in advanced materials research and development. Research in materials science, thin films, semiconductors, data storage and nanomaterials will all benefit using a Nano-Observer AFM. The user interface is intuitive yet flexible and can be customized for a range of applications.

“We are very pleased to announce the new Nano-Observer AFM. The instrument greatly adds to our capabilities at Nanoscience Instruments,” says Mark Flowers, co-founder of Nanoscience Instruments. “These innovative techniques allow us to provide a more comprehensive solution to our customers developing new, advanced engineered materials.”

The ResiScope, an award-winning innovative module, can be combined with the Nano-Observer to measure resistance over 10 orders of magnitude using atomic force microscopy. Resistance measurements can be coupled with magnetic force microscopy, electric force microscopy or single-pass Kelvin probe force microscopy imaging modes to acquire multiple properties in the same scan area.

About Concept Scientific Instruments

Concept Scientific Instruments was founded by a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in the AFM field. With a dynamic and qualified team, including experience in mechanics, electronics and data processing, Concept Scientific Instruments designs innovation and performance into its AFM instrumentation.

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Nanoscience Instruments, an industry leader providing turn-key scientific instruments to investigate the micro- and nanoscale world, provides surface science, microscopy and nanotechnology solutions that are easy to use with low maintenance.

Nanoscience Instruments’ product portfolio includes benchtop SEMs, portable AFMs & STMs, 3D optical profilers, nanoindenters, and micro-mechanical testing systems, as well as consumables and accessories. For more information about Nanoscience Instruments, call 888-777-5573.

New AFM with High Definition Electrical Measurement Capabilities

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