PFN Strategic investment in North American Center of Excellence

PFN Strategic investment in North American Center of Excellence

New jobs for the Hazleton community announced

Hazleton, PA, December 3, 2020 – PFNonwovens, a leading global producer of nonwoven fabrics with operations in Europe, USA and Africa, is investing to expand its Hazleton site in Pennsylvania. This expansion at its North America center of excellence will significantly increase manufacturing capacity and allow PFN to grow its medical and hygiene markets.

The investment, in two phases, will enhance both global and regional innovation to meet the growing market needs for high levels of softness, comfort and sustainability.

Phase 1, which is now underway, will see an initial outlay of more than $70m for an expansion of the manufacturing facilities at the Hazleton site to include the latest Reicofil R5 technology. This exciting plan allows PFN to commercialize innovation that combines two proprietary technologies in order to produce revolutionary, cottony-soft hygiene products for the North American market. Completion of phase 1 is planned for mid-2021.

“We are the first to invest in the latest R5 machinery in the US.  This commitment, in combination with our unique proprietary technology, allows us to produce consumer-preferred ultra-high loft, soft and textured nonwoven fabrics. This solidifies PFN’s position as a global leader in the production of innovative spunmelt nonwoven fabrics.” said Shane Vincent, Chief Commercial Officer & Global Head of Business Development.

PFN’s Chief Technology and Product Development Officer, Tonny de Beer, highlighted that “PFN has always been a pioneer of the latest technology. These investments allow us to continue our leadership in the commercialization of innovative hygiene and medical nonwovens, and pave new ways to improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact.”

A Phase 2 site expansion will see PFN invest in the building of a second production line presently scheduled for completion in 2022.

This latest development at the Hazleton site is expected to result in more than sixty new job opportunities at PFN over the course of the next two to three years. Mary R. Malone, President of the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, heralded the news. “It is heartening to hear of long-term job opportunities for our local community, which is even more welcome as we continue to fight the economic impacts of the COVID pandemic”, she said.  “PFN will bring employment opportunities to a significant number of families, which is to be applauded”.

About PFN:

PFNonwovens is a leading global producer of customized nonwoven fabrics.  We make innovative products across multiple key markets.

Baby Care: delighting moms, dads and babies alike

Medical: protecting medical professionals

Adult Incontinence & Fem Care: providing discreet protection and comfort

The group was created in June 2018 by bringing the US-based First Quality Nonwovens and Czech-based Pegas Nonwovens under one roof. PFNonwovens is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, and operates five production plants worldwide: two in the Czech Republic, and one each in the United States, Egypt, and South Africa.

PFN’s mission is to lead in material innovation and break down barriers to sustainability.  By combining state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities with best-in-class quality and customer-service culture, we develop and commercialize superior nonwoven fabrics that improve quality of life, deliver exceptional value and a brighter future for our planet.  We continuously advance to create the future of nonwovens for personal care and healthcare industries.

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