Sandler AG to exhibit at Techtextil North America Nonwoven innovations at High-Tex from Germany

Sandler AG to exhibit at Techtextil North America Nonwoven innovations at High-Tex from Germany

2018-03-26 – At this year‘s Techtextil North America, German exhibitors will present themselves in a special forum. Entitled „High-Tex from Germany“, it will represent the German textile industry’s capability for innovation. Sandler AG is one of the exhibitors, showcasing new developments for transportation, filtration, construction, and interior acoustics.

High-performance absorber nonwovens of the sawasorb® series dampen engine and road noise, thus enabling passengers to hold conversations at a normal volume—even at high speeds. Even at low product thickness, these absorbers efficiently insulate sound and are therefore suitable for narrow installation spaces. Nonwovens for exterior applications are hydrophobic and oleophobic throughout their entire operating live, making them resistant to fluids used in the engine compartment. They also withstand high temperatures. Composites made from nonwovens and fibre-reinforced plastics combine the advantages of textile and plastics engineering: Sandwich structures for LWRT-parts (lightweight reinforced thermoplastics) foster lightweight designs and demonstrate how a high degree of stability can be achieved with extremely light materials. The trend towards electromobility will no doubt initiate many interesting conversations on sound and heat insulation in vehicles during the trade fair. Sandler will accompany this development with competence in nonwovens.

In filtration, the new ISO 16890 standard is shaping product development and material classification. A filter’s performance is now measured using a more practical approach with regard to particle distribution in the air. Differences in the air quality in rural areas compared to urban regions come into effect and the subject of energy efficiency gains importance. The new Sandler enAIRsave® nonwovens contribute to lowering the energy consumption in the filtration unit owing to a special multi-layer structure. This product series offers ideal filter media for all efficiency ranges according to ISO 16890. And for filters of MERV-classes 1 to 16, the Sandler product range also comprises suitable materials.

Nonwovens of the fibercomfort® product line enable product solutions for quiet rooms and technical insulation. Sheet material made from 100 % polyester dampen the noise level in rooms as part of wall and ceiling systems, partitions, furniture or acoustically efficient wall decoration, creating a quiet environment at the workplace as well as at home. Sandler fibercomfort® is available in different thicknesses and densities; soft and voluminous or compacted and self-supporting; with an open-pore surface or specially smoothed—the right nonwoven for your requirements. Through further processing, these textiles may be enhanced with print motifs; lamination; flocking, for instance to create a roughcast look; or a coating made of natural materials. In this way, the textile materials become individual design elements and create an original look for every room.

Visitors will have an opportunity to experience the acoustic efficiency of these materials for themselves at the Plaza area of the High-Tex from Germany forum. Here, a flexible partition and elegant seating cubes made from 100 % Sandler nonwovens will serve as examples of the many opportunities for nonwovens to be used in visible applications and will provide a place of rest and quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall.

Discover nonwoven innovations for technical textiles and visit us at the German Pavilion at booth 1940.

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