Suzano’s sustainable eucalyptus fluff will be internationally showcased at Index 20

Suzano’s sustainable eucalyptus fluff will be internationally showcased at Index 20

  • Eucafluff has a lower environmental footprint than pine fluff with improved softness, thickness and absorbency.
  • It is the result of over a decade of R&D in collaboration with the consumer goods industry for application in products including diapers, feminine care products and pet pads.
  • Index 20 will be the first global opportunity to see a solution for 100% Eucafluff application in person.

Suzano, the world’s leading eucalyptus pulp producer and one of Latin America’s largest companies, will be showcasing its new innovative fluff pulp, Eucafluff, for the first time at Index 20 in Geneva on 19th -20th October.

Suzano believes in the power of eucalyptus and innovation to provide solutions to the environment’s great challenges. It is within this context that it developed Eucafluff: the world’s first 100% eucalyptus fluff, a renewable raw material with a lower carbon footprint than most equivalent pine fluff-based products which simultaneously provides consumers with efficient and high-quality products. It is these properties which mean Eucafluff has the potential to transform the hygiene market.

Eucafluff has a global reputation as the highest quality and most sustainable fluff available. Currently, 75% of Eucafluff’s sales are overseas, in which 70% are sold in Asia, including in major markets like China and Japan. Eucafluff has been adopted by leading companies in the global market producing hygiene products for millions of people.

Suzano has a rich history of innovation in the fluff market. In the 1960s, Suzano developed the first hardwood fiber to the pulp market, revolutionising the sector which had previously only used softwood. Eucafluff is the result of nearly 15 years of R&D combining Suzano’s expertise in both innovation and sustainability (known as innovability), which it employs across all areas of the business.

As well as being more sustainable, Eucafluff outperforms competitors when it comes to rewetting, net retention and comfort due to the unique morphology of Suzano’s eucalyptus hardwood, which is smaller, thinner and highly compressible. Thanks to this, absorbent panels made with 100% Eucafluff are more comfortable, flexible and discreet providing great well-being to end consumers. Furthermore, these thinner panels reduce consumption of packaging material by 14%, generating significant savings for the industry as well.

Eucafluff is made from eucalyptus trees planted on sustainably managed farms across Brazil.

Visit Suzano’s Eucafluff team at booth #1531 or email