TENCEL®Biosoft – A new age for botanic fibers

TENCEL®Biosoft – A new age for botanic fibers

Dornbirn-MFC Austria, September 2012 – Lenzing introduces TENCEL®Biosoft, the first hydrophobic and home-compostable fiber leading to unique benefits for wipes and hygiene applications.

In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, researchers were looking for new materials for oil clean up. At that time, Lenzing started first trials for producing a new TENCEL® fiber which could be used for oil absorbency while retaining its biodegradability.

Bianca Schachtner, Project Manager New Products Business Unit Nonwoves, summarizes: “During our extensive research work, we realized that the actual benefits of the developed fiber went far beyond the original objective. In addition to having developed the first hydrophobic and sustainable TENCEL® product, the new fiber turned out to be extra soft, smooth and functional making it an ideal base for sensitive nonwovens applications.”

In wipes, TENCEL®Biosoft can be used in a variety of blends which tailor the absorbency and cleaning performance to suit a number of different functions from full oil absorbency through to specific lotion management. In topsheets of hygiene products, excellent liquid strike through times and wet back properties ensure a comfortable dry feeling to the skin. TENCEL®Biosoft meets the performance of commercially available synthetic products and adds a botanic value as Lenzing’s cellulose fibers are made from the renewable raw material wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. Based on natural resources, TENCEL® and TENCEL®Biosoft are biodegradable and meet even the enhanced standards of Vincotte Home compostability.

TENCEL®Biosoft will be presented at this year’s man-made fiber congress in Dornbirn on 20th September 2012. “As a leader in fiber innovation, we at Lenzing are constantly developing new fiber types paving the way for new end uses for our sustainable fibers. TENCEL®Biosoft revolutionizes nonwoven products along the supply chain,” says Wolfgang Plasser, Vice President and General Manager Business Unit Nonwovens. “Lenzing is delighted to launch TENCEL®Biosoft in Dornbirn. The botanic fiber makes the difference from the very beginning!”

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