TruFlow Single Module Applicators Improve Process Stability & Product Quality

TruFlow Single Module Applicators Improve Process Stability & Product Quality

TruFlow™ single module applicators from Nordson Corporation optimize adhesive use and improve material delivery accuracy with precise add-on weight deposition. The TruFlow applicators’ passively-driven gears deliver flow-metered hot melt material to the point of application. This variation management capability enables manufacturers to reduce waste, improve product quality and enhance production efficiency. Variation management is especially valuable in nonwovens disposable hygiene product manufacturing with demanding, rapidly-changing flow requirements during production ramp up and ramp down phases.

A small footprint and fewer cables and connections simplify integration and allow placement in the small space envelope often available in modern high-speed disposable hygiene lines. The compact applicator profile supports narrow elastic and coating applications in continuous or intermittent operation.

Precise material delivery allows reduced adhesive use and enables the use of thinner materials, helping reduce both production cost and scrap. And, TruFlow single module applicators offer production flexibility via compatibility with the Nordson Universal™ nozzles, including the popular Allegro® nozzle for elastic attachment.

The TruFlow single module applicator completes the Nordson family of OptiBond™ solutions for variation management. The OptiBond portfolio accommodates both retrofit and new installations for everything from simple flow monitoring all the way up to sophisticated point-of-application, closed-loop control. The variation management solutions include melters, controllers, applicators, meters and dividers.

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TruFlow Single Module Applicators Improve Process Stability & Product Quality

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