VersaBlue Plus Melters for Production Efficiency & High Quality Products

VersaBlue Plus Melters for Production Efficiency & High Quality Products

Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) OptiBond™ solutions utilize variation management to optimize material delivery and dispensing. Implementing variation management programs helps disposable hygiene product manufacturers improve production efficiency, decrease maintenance and enhance product quality. The Nordson OptiBond methodology is: Measure, Understand, Improve.

Nordson launched the VersaBlue® Plus melters as the latest addition to the OptiBond family at the IDEA13 trade show in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. VersaBlue Plus melters introduce optional melter-integrated flow monitoring and closed-loop flow control for up to four (4) channels to the existing full-feature set that VersaBlue melters have delivered for more than a decade. Integrated closed-loop control continuously measures the material flow rate and compares that to the application’s flow requirement; the output of the melter pump is automatically adjusted in real-time to minimize the difference between the requirement and actual flow rates.

Integrating flow control simplifies installation and “extra” necessary equipment as well as provides ease-of-use through the melter’s touch screen interfaces. The VersaBlue melter’s intuitive, easy-to-use graphical touch display simplifies set-up and operation, and provides system status for the various melter functions. Basic graphing and data reporting of the flow control are also available on the melter display, or more detailed information can be exported to a laptop or via field bus.

“VersaBlue Plus melters were developed to meet the current and future market needs of our sophisticated customer base, particularly nonwovens product manufacturers,” says Andreas Bornkessel, Nordson nonwovens market development manager. “Implementing solutions to control material flow allows manufacturers to more efficiently and cost-effectively produce higher quality products for the consumer.”

Nordson’s broad range of OptiBond solutions includes: passive or active metering; point-of-application or intermediate system component; and melter-integrated or standalone control.

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VersaBlue Plus Melters for Production Efficiency & High Quality Products

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