Reifenhäuser Sustainability Solutions

Known as “the extrusioneers,” Reifenhäuser makes lines and components for the production of blown film, cast film, calender film and nonwovens. This German-based international company works to pioneer sustainable extrusion processes through its Reicofil spunbond, meltblown and composite technology.

To fight environmental pollution and climate change we need to push circular economy and carbon footprint reduction – besides general waste reduction.
Markus Müller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Reifenhäuser Group

This INDA member is contributing to their sustainability goals through advances in down gauging, resource conservation, recyclable materials and recycled content processing.

In down gauging, Reicofil Line Technology enables nonwoven producers to drastically reduce their material use per square meter while increasing the nonwovens functionality. This has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of products. For example: By using the latest RF5 line technology, nonwovens used in diapers could be reduced from a standard of 25 gsm in the 1990s to a standard of 10-12 gsm today.

In the area of resource conservation, Reicofil’s technologies enable the processing of biobased raw materials such as PLA as an ecological alternative to fossil raw materials in applications including diapers.

The company is also working to support fully recyclable mono-materials. In cooperation with Reifenhäuser’s film-technology experts, the company has developed film/nonwoven composites that are fully recyclable alternatives to paper-plastic-packaging. Among these solutions: heavy duty sacks and innovative pouches for consumer packaging.

They’re also pioneering circularity with technology that enables the processing of highly recycled material content to produce high-strength nonwovens with up to 90 percent PET Flakes from post-consumer-waste.

Reifenhäuser Image
Reifenhäuser’s Reicofil offers technology for more sustainable manufacturing of spunmelt nonwovens.

To learn more, visit the company’s website or follow them on LinkedIn at reicofil.

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