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Dow’s ASPUN™ AT fiber resins were designed to improve spinnability and abrasion resistance while maintaining the mechanical performance and softness of existing ASPUN™ resins. Mono-material (PE) solutions, spunbond and spunblown nonwovens made with ASPUN™ AT fiber resins also help support material reduction and sustainability initiatives.

ASPUN is one way we’re supporting initiatives toward mono-material fiber, which simplifies recycling streams internally and externally.
Michael White, Marketing Director, Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Dow

ASPUN™ resins are typically used in spunbond and spunblown fabrics for personal hygiene wearables, nonwoven personal and industrial wipes and other spunbond and spunblown nonwoven applications. Along with enhanced recyclability, the product also enables manufacturers to create longer, more stable line runs with fewer defects and higher yields for more efficient processing.

ASPUN™ resins are part of Dow’s ongoing commitment to help address the unique challenges faced by the nonwovens and hygiene industries through close collaboration with customers and other industry partners. Another of these efforts, the Extreme PE Diaper program, has increased polyethylene content in prototype diapers from the industry average of 4-8% to almost 50%, with an eye toward simplifying construction, streamlining recycling processes and reducing scrap and waste.

Other sustainability-focused programs include advanced recycling initiatives using post-consumer recycled and PIR (post-industrial recycled) content, PE wipes that combine strong performance with a lower carbon footprint, and the development of bio-based PE from renewable resources such as tall oil.

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By offering a mono-material and monocomponent solution for spunbonds and spunblowns, ASPUN™ AT fiber resins are helping drive the development of easier, more efficient recycling operations.

Learn more at Dow’s sustainability website.

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