Flushability Test Methods

Flushability has been an area of focus for INDA in North America and EDANA in Europe since 2004. We formed industry-based task forces to address the flushability of nonwoven disposable products. Technical experts from our member companies worked together to develop a definition of flushability, a technical assessment and test methods. The test methods were based on the combined experience of the nonwoven disposable products industry and drew upon expertise from academia, consultancy and the wastewater industry.

Together, our aim is to reduce the amount of non-flushable material in the wastewater stream. Therefore, it is important that even products which are likely to be flushed (even though not designed to be), and products which do not meet our Guidelines are labeled “Do Not Flush”. This is why we developed a voluntary Code of Practice which includes a “Do Not Flush” logo for companies to use on product packaging. Clear communication on packaging will help to educate consumers on the proper disposal route for products and prevent costly problems at home and at wastewater treatment facilities. Please fill out this short form to download your Flushability Test Methods.