140th company anniversary – Sandler announces investment plans for Germany and the US

140th company anniversary – Sandler announces investment plans for Germany and the US

Dr. Markus Söder, MdL, Bavarian Prime Minister

On May 10th, Sandler AG in Schwarzenbach/Saale celebrated its 140th company anniversary together with 240 guests from the political, economic and social spheres. The nonwovens manufacturer announced plans to invest in its facilities in Germany and the U.S.true to the motto “inspired by the future”.

May 15, 2019 – “The founder of our company, my great-grandfather Christian Heinrich Sandler, surely never dreamt that his “start-up” would grow to become a globally active company 140 years later.” With these words, Dr Christian Heinrich Sandler, President & CEO, welcomed the guests to this special event. He looked back on 140 years Sandler; on company and family history; on the path from the wadding factory to one of the largest nonwovens manufacturers worldwide. Premiering at the celebration, the new Sandler image video pays tribute to this successful development. In this film, the people who shaped the company and who continue to advance it, take centre stage. “Our 850 dedicated staff members are the crucial to our long-term success. They identify with our company and they take responsibility,” Dr Sandler said.

As much inspired by the future as the company has always been, Dr Sandler announced plans for new investments: Over the next two years, Sandler plans to invest a total of 80 million Euros at the company headquarters in Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany as well as Sandler Nonwoven Corporation in Perry, Georgia, USA. New production lines will expand the company’s manufacturing capacity, creating room for innovation.

Left to right: Wolfram Hatz, President of the Association of the Bavarian Industry (vbw); Bärbl Sandler, Strategic HR Planning, Sandler AG; Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler, President & CEO, Sandler AG; Dr. Markus Söder, MdL, Bavarian Prime Minister; Hans-Peter Baumann, Mayor of the town of Schwarzenbach/Saale; Dr. med. Martina Presch, Member of the Supervisory Board, Sandler AG; Ellen Ebbinghaus, Chairperson of the Supervisory Board, Sandler AG; Dr. Oliver Bär, Hof District Administrator

Over the course of the past 10 years, Sandler had invested a total of 139 million Euros in buildings and production lines, at the same time almost doubling its staff. The new investments will enable Sandler to expand both its product range and its customer service on both sides of the Atlantic. “Inspired by the future, we will face new requirements and challenges optimistically,” Dr Sandler summarised.

In his celebratory speech, Dr Markus Söder, MdL, Bavarian Prime Minister, highlighted the achievements of the family-operated company Sandler and the owning family: “Family-owned companies such as Sandler demonstrate, […] that medium-sized enterprises are the real future of the German economy. […] I am proud to have companies, which continuously invest even in structurally more challenging regions. Thank you for announcing a further investment. […] 140 years of company history also provide new prospects and it is impressive how companies shape the future. That, however, is only possible if they continue to evolve—just as Sandler does. Congratulations on this anniversary, I wish you all the best and continued success.”

Wolfram Hatz, President of the Association of the Bavarian Industry (vbw), emphasized Dr Sandler’s commitment to the industry and the region: “You not only lead your company with determination and vision. Without your unwavering efforts in all spheres, the region would not be so well off and for that you are highly esteemed. […] Congratulations. We are proud to have a company such as Sandler as part of our association.”

Dr Oliver Bär, Hof District Administrator, and Hans-Peter Baumann, Mayor of the town of Schwarzenbach, congratulated Sandler AG on the 140-year success story. They stressed the importance of internationally active companies with strong ties to their home region and thanked the company management for their renewed commitment to Schwarzenbach through the new investment plans. “No words of praise can be sufficient for the Sandler family, the family-operated company and its achievements,” District Administrator Bär concluded. “Sandler creates values. […] One can sense that the staff members identify with the company; their pride. And we are also proud to have Sandler as part of our district.”

Mayor Baumann had a surprise in store for Dr Sandler: He presented the entrepreneur with the Golden Ring of Honour of the town of Schwarzenbach/Saale for extraordinary services rendered to the town’s economy. “Personally, and on behalf of our town council I would like to congratulate you on 140 years of company history. We thank you for your commitment and wish the company, the staff members, and the family of owners all the best for the future.”

Enjoying culinary specialties of the region and musical accompaniment, the guests shared their memories of special moments with Sandler.

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