A.Celli Group on-line with the Chinese language version of its website

A.Celli Group on-line with the Chinese language version of its website

As of tomorrow, will speak Chinese.

In view of the trade show appointments for A.Celli in China for the month of May (ANEX/SINCE in Shanghai and CIDPEX in Shenzhen), the A.Celli Group will launch the Chinese language version of its official website, making it the third language available for visitors who can choose this further option for reading the website’s contents, in addition to English and Italian. And it will be probably not be the last option available in the future!

A further demonstration by the A.Celli group of the importance of the Chinese market, underscored by its presence there with very efficient facility: A.Celli Shanghai Machinery Co. Ltd.

The website is dedicated to A.Celli customers, to all interested persons and to speakers and fans of the Chinese language, with the aim of doing away with all language barriers and creating an even closer bond between A.Celli technology and the Eastern reference audience, incrementing the number of users accessing the A.Celli website.

Users will have the chance to discover dedicated areas, see exclusive images, have detailed information, all in their language of choice. Interested persons, customers and fans will be able to browse through the website and read about the latest updates on News & Events, getting a first-hand look at the entire A.Celli range of products and activities.

A.Celli: Come see tomorrow, today!

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