A new disposable product idea for feminine hygiene

Quebec City, Canada.  January 18, 2016.   A couple from Canada recently came up with a new feminine hygiene product idea that would offer modern active women lifestyle an innovative solution to cover the weaknesses of tampons and pads.   They were able to prototype and test it with excellent results for the concerns that they were trying to resolve.   You can see their online presentation in the next link, which also contains a link to a short youtube demo video:

Before bringing it to INDA, they had a professional international patent search performed and got no proof that the idea had already been patented, so they filled a provisional patent application at the USPTO (PPA) and now have the patent pending status on it.

As new member of INDA, they applied for the « IDEA16 AWARD », which will be held next May in Boston.

They are actually in the promoting process and hope to convince a manufacturer of the relevance of their product idea in today’s women lives and of its potential in the market as a complementary product.

Contact Information

Phone: (418) 576-4184
Company: Sylvain Legare, Consultant