AATCC to Present Proficiency Testing for Textiles at the 2023 Philippine Textile Congress

AATCC to Present Proficiency Testing for Textiles at the 2023 Philippine Textile Congress

MANILA, Philippines, Nov 9, 2023 — AATCC, the leading authority on textile testing and standards, will present on the importance of proficiency textile testing at the Philippine Textile Research Institute’s Philippine Textile Congress.

Garry Atkinson has been invited as a guest speaker for the 2023 Philippine Textile Congress scheduled for November 15, 2023. This year’s congress, which runs from November 7 to November 24, will feature a series of informative talks and lectures presented by distinguished figures and textile industry experts, both from the Philippines and around the globe. Each day of the congress will focus on a specific topic, with one session dedicated to that theme.

As a Senior Technical Associate at AATCC, Garry Atkinson possesses extensive knowledge in Proficiency Testing, AATCC Standards, and Testing Materials. His area of expertise extends to providing comprehensive training to professionals on textile test methods and actively assisting members in the development of these crucial methods.

During Session 6: Textile Standards and Testing, Garry Atkinson will be addressing the audience with his presentation titled “Proficiency Testing for Textiles: Key Insights for Ensuring Accurate Textile Testing Laboratory Results.” This session will also feature the participation of the Philippine Textile Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-PTRI).


Proficiency Testing for Textiles: Key Insights for Ensuring Valid Textile Testing Laboratory Results

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The upcoming presentation will focus on Proficiency Testing Programs and Schemes relevant to the textile industry. AATCC will explore the significance of Proficiency Testing (PT) in ensuring the correct execution of textile test methods by textile companies and laboratories. Various textile PT providers will be discussed, with a deep dive into the AATCC PT Program for Textiles, specifically designed to enhance the performance of textile laboratories and demonstrate their competence to customers and accreditation bodies. The presentation aims to provide insights into AATCC’s role in connecting the global textile community to promote innovation, knowledge, and sustainability. The following topics will be covered:

  • The definition of proficiency testing and its importance for textile laboratories.
  • The advantages of Proficiency Testing in terms of compliance, performance, and customer relations for textile laboratories.
  • The key features and benefits of the AATCC Proficiency Testing Program.
  • An overview of AATCC Membership Benefits and the process of becoming a member.


Philippine Textile Congress

The Philippine Textile Congress is a platform for researchers, students, creatives, industry partners, and textile experts to converge, converse and collaborate to spur innovation in Philippine textiles.

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AATCC Proficiency Testing Program

AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs support certification and continuous improvement initiatives for textile laboratories. Compare results with hundreds of other labs to verify performance or identify areas for improvement.

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