Applied Nanoscience Inc. to Commence U.S.-based Production of NanoFense™ Formulation in the Fight Against COVID-19

Applied Nanoscience Inc. to Commence U.S.-based Production of NanoFense™ Formulation in the Fight Against COVID-19

Las Vegas, NVDec. 1, 2020 – Applied Nanoscience Inc. (ANI), a nanotechnology-based air filtration performance company, today announced that construction of a pilot plant has begun in Downs, KS with direct participation of the Kansas Department of Commerce.  Last month, a wholly owned L.L.C. of the Company was awarded a PPE Manufacturing Grant to aid in the global fight against COVID-19.  ANI had earlier this year announced the completion of process enhancements to ensure reliable production scale-up of the company’s proprietary antimicrobial NanoFense technology, a U.S. patented nanoparticle formulation.  The company is working closely with both Downs Enterprises, Inc. and Kansas State University’s Technology Development Institute (TDI) on the project.

“This award from the Kansas Department of Commerce acknowledges the global need for air filtration companies to offer genuinely protective and higher-performance products. This better positions ANI as an attractive, strategic partner with filter media producers as well as established air filtration product companies who can now fully exploit our technology in efforts to better protect people from harmful pathogens.  Our technology, disruptive product design efforts and issued patent protection are all intended to provide more safety to consumers while creating an effective competitive advantage in many markets currently utilizing generic, untreated filter media,” stated Thomas Allen, President and CEO, ANI.

ANI has (16) issued international patents protecting their broad NEFT™ platform in 13 countries spanning five continents.  The patent coverage includes three main methods of associating nanoparticles with filter media: (1) coating the filter media with a powder of nanoparticles, (2) impregnating the nanoparticles into the filter media, and (3) having pellets of nanoparticles located adjacent to the filter media.

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ANI is a nanotechnology-based development company focused solely on protective air filtration applications, providing high performance to air filtration products designed to eradicate bacteria, virus and fungi and is the owner of NEFT™ (Nanoparticle — Enhanced — Filtration — Technology), a broad intellectual property platform with significant application potential in consumer and industrial market segments geared to reducing the transmission of infectious pathogens.

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