ATEX, Inc. Expands Meltblown Capacity

ATEX, Inc. Expands Meltblown Capacity

Exciting New Innovative Products  and Production to Service Customers Growth

Gainesville, GA, August 24, 2017:  ATEX, INC., a leading nonwovens company specializing in spun-melt technologies has announced commercialization of a significant capacity increase for its meltblown and composites production, located in Gainesville, GA USA, effectively doubling output and providing a unique platform to develop novel products. This expansion allows ATEX to meet the increasing customer demand for innovative products in key markets of the specialty wipes, filtration, medical and sorbents with meltblown and meltblown composite structures engineered to meet the customers’ specific requirements for attributes such as fine fiber absorbency, strength, filtration efficiency, dual textures, etc.

ATEX continues to demonstrate its commitment to develop and commercialize higher value-added products for its customers and will continue to invest in leading edge technologies which demonstrate high value for both the customer and ATEX.

ATEX Group is a nonwovens leader in proving high value spun-melt products utilizing spunbond, meltblown and composites technologies. With locations in Gainesville, GA USA and Milan, Italy, ATEX is positioned to provide innovative products and exemplary customer service.

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