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Rebound® elastomeric netting is an ideal material to create highly breathable composites in adult incontinence applications.

Minneapolis, MN (October 17, 2016) – Conwed, the leading plastic netting manufacturer in the world, will display its elastomeric and co-extrusion netting portfolios at Hygienix 2016 Conference in Orlando, FL (October 24-27, 2016).  Organized by the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA), Hygienix is the premier event devoted entirely to the hygiene and disposable consumer products. This event gathers key professionals from across the disposable consumer products value chain to deliver the best in strategic information and business networking.

Rebound® elastomeric netting is used in composite form with nonwovens and other substrates acting as an alternative to spandex, films and stretchable nonwovens. In hygiene products, it is used in waistbands and side panels in adult incontinence briefs and underwear and in baby training pants. Conwed has expanded its elastomeric netting portfolio in recent years, focusing on creating lighter configurations with a flat design. Flat Rebound®, an elastomeric netting with flat joints, allows the creation of stretchable and smooth composites for superior comfort and feel.  This flat design addresses the consumers’ demand for lightweight and breathable composites with no joints to mimic a smooth, apparel-type texture.

In addition to offering elastomeric netting by itself, Conwed also commercializes stretchable nonwoven composites powered by Flat Rebound. “A great number of hygiene manufacturers prefer receiving a stretchable composite already made instead of incorporating our Rebound netting themselves, so we have developed strategic partnerships to offer stretch laminate alternatives for waistband and side panel applications”, said Ivan Soltero, senior strategic marketing manager at Conwed.

Conwed has emphasized the importance of comfort, especially for adult incontinence applications, when developing new elastomeric netting iterations.  In comparison to other stretchable, solid or perforated film composites, Rebound offers superior breathability, moisture and heat management performance. “The breathable mesh configuration helps draw moisture away from user’s skin and disperse it over a determined area where it can evaporate; contributing to a higher level of comfort”, said Soltero.

At Hygienix, Conwed will also display its co-extrusion netting portfolio. Co-extrusion is a multi-layer extruded netting than can be subsequently oriented where different polymers can form different layers on the same netting configuration. It is a square netting construction and Conwed has the ability to build netting with A/B, A/B/A, and A/B/C layer combinations. “Netting is an ideal reinforcement and bonding element to create exceptional composites with film, paper, foil, foam, bubble wrap, nonwoven and other fabrics. It is lightweight yet very strong. It is an exceptional reinforcement material for a wide range of disposable applications”, said Soltero.

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Conwed is the leading plastic netting manufacturer in the world. Conwed manufactures extruded, oriented, knitted and multilayer netting with unique customization capabilities. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Conwed has five manufacturing locations on two continents and a global distribution network.

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